Tuesday, March 06, 2012

The Countdown....

Its MARCH! Do you know what that means?! St Patricks Day is nearly here, lol. Well that and the fact its a month still we have the keys to our home in our hot little hands, eek! We have been all so busy around here with life that its been easy to wait but now in the actual countdown month I do feel a somewhat sense of ack!

I am sure I may post a to do list on here to remind me of stuff, but I am trying not to be overwhelmed at this point. I have lots of little things, that just pile up, but once I sit down and do them they aren't too bad. Its just finding time to sit down and do them because we have kids and jobs, hehe. March is a PACKED month for me cake wise. It will be good since I am shutting things down for the move, and only taking on a few orders.

One fun thing we have been finalizing is our paint colors! Ariel picked a bright raspberry pink color which I think will be really pretty. Xander we went back and forth about and finally decided on a bight blue. I am thinking the bathroom will be in a blue/grey tone (still narrowing it down), our room will most likely be an aqua color, kitchen and dinning room some sort of robin's egg I think (going in with the chip to see if it works with the counter color). Living room has been hard, one minute I think sage, then tan... then another blue. Oh my mom would be laughing at all this blue, since I gave her such grief about her overuse of the color in our old house.

Then today while visiting my friend Erin's place I really loved her grey living room, as her sofa's are similar color to ours in the brown family. I didn't think I would like that combo, but it really looked nice with the right accents of black and white ,they are all neutrals so why wouldn't it work, but since I am visual I had to see it. So maybe its the winner!? Stay tuned...

I am booking a trip to see the place again next week to get final measurements and stuff. I plan on taking some pictures but probably won't post them since its someone else's home for now. I will do some when we get the empty place (gosh I hope its empty, I am dreaming about them leaving so much crap behind ugh!)

The past few days Ariel has been home. If you live around here you know we are experiencing a teacher's strike. I am a supporter of the teachers on this one, and that is all I will say about that. Its been nice having the kids play so nicely together. Xander loves to hang out with his sister 'Aira' as he calls her. He is so happy to tag along and do what she is doing. Its so much fun watching them play. I love my babies.

Xander's sentences are getting more and more clear, although most of the words sometimes slur together when he is excited, but when its important you get what he is saying. The other day he counted to 13 on his own when playing hide and seek with Ariel! Totally took me off guard. My smart little man. Potty training? Bah, I could care less at this point, and until he wakes up with a dry diaper I am not going to push it. I don't mind and with the move I think it be better to wait and get settled before attempting it.

We started packing boxes up, and can I say, it sucks! I am already tripping over them we really do have a small living space. Not to mention I have a HUGE purge pile I need to bag up for the thrift. Ariel is liking the packing process as we go through her toys and do a keep and purge pile. I am surprised that she is wanting to pack up her dolls and stuff so quickly but she said she was concerned about things getting lost in the crazy mess so actually she is being rather smart.

Well its late, and I need to go to bed, many cakes to bake tomorrow!!! Whee!

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