Friday, March 16, 2012

Riding High!

A while back my Dad picked up Ariel's bike to take to his place to remove the training wheels. After a play date where she pretty much figured it out on her own, she was insisting the wheels be removed. Then when the weather was good she would stay after school at Grandpa's and practice her riding. She got good pretty fast and then FINALLY today I got to see her!

I think she looks pretty proud don't you?

She was pretty proud of herself, and I got some video of her showing off her skills.... but for us the look Xander gives the camera when he is on the strider bike is HILARIOUS!

She rode up and down the street only falling twice due to turning too sharply when trying to see if Xander was coming. He was trying his hardest to keep up but its hard when your feet don't reach the ground!

When I loaded the kids into the car I was busy chatting with Dad and I guess Xander was hungry and took matters into his own hands and helped himself to the bread. Oh silly Xander!

Spring break has officially started, and so has some serious packing. Ariel wanted to pack up stuff in her room last night and so we did... and when we finished she looked back and tilted her head saying, 'hmmm not much to play with eh?' Lots of other toys around the house to play with, but her room is done except for her clothes. Nice feeling.

2 weeks till its ours! Yay!


kelly ens said...

YAY Ariel!!!! That is on our agenda for this spring break too, getting rid of training wheels :)
love that pic of Xander and the bread :)

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