Saturday, March 24, 2012


Um, I am so not talking about me! Lol. No, we had to go visit the Geniuses today at the Apple store, oooh! This morning Ken's phone started doing this thing that it has done before, the button not working and thus making the phone pretty much useless. So I went down to the Telus store where we got it first thing and they confirmed what I thought, take it to Apple and get a new one. Since Ken needed new jeans anyways, we piled the kids in the car and went off to the mall, which felt terrible on such a sunny day, oh well.

We got in quickly and sure enough his phone was having 'mechanical' issues and they gave him a new one. Pretty amazing service really. Woot! We got Ken some jeans and decided on the way home to have Pizza Hut as a treat.

It was pretty busy and apparently they were having issues with the computers for order taking so we were asked a few times to clarify our order. They brought the kids food and then eventually brought our pizza... only it didn't look right. I questioned the crust, as it wasn't the original stuff, something thinner. Upon asking I learned classic crust isn't really the classic crust, I meant to order 'Pan' crust. Doh! I felt pretty stupid but the manager who was waiting on us said no worries and brought us a new pizza, with my much desired crust, yay. He then sent the wrong pizza home no charge! Whoa, that was really nice, especially considering I made the mistake. I love Pizza Hut!

Video break! Xander and his puppy sing a long time!

We then spent some time over at Dad's playing with the kids outside. Ariel wanted to ride her bike for Daddy and we had to shoot some footage of us playing with our kids. Why you ask? Well, we have been picked for a chance to win an amazing opportunity and yet I don't want to say what it is until we learn if we get picked or not. We should hear in a week probably, and so regardless of the outcome I will share what it was about then. I really do hope we win though... its an AMAZING opportunity!!! Ok, that is it for us, I have a sketch to do for a new client. Good night!

Wiped out from a busy day... ahhh.

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