Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Movin' Right Along...

Well last night Ken and I decided that it might be in our best interest to hire movers. We did have some friends offer to help, but thinking logically about our building, the stairs and such, we just want to make it as hassle free as possible and so I made the call! After asking for some recommendations from friends on Facebook, we have a guy coming next week for an estimate on our things. I also spent most of the morning starting the process of changing our address on stuff for our banking to order new cheques, and any important accounts that would need to be handled first. Still need to get our insurance in order, and numerous other things done... the list just seems to grown not shrink at this point. We also got our details from the lawyer so its almost done! Woot!

On a sad note, I got a call yesterday that my Uncle passed away, the husband of my Papa's sister. It was somewhat of a shock, even though we knew he hadn't been well but when you aren't expecting it, then its hard. Just felt sad all day, just hard losing special people who were such a part of your growing up. Uncle 'Dud' as we called him, was trouble with a capital T. I think of his antics and smile. He was kind, funny and had one of those faces you remember. I feel like my Mom's side of the family is shrinking so much... kinda sucks. So I am assuming we will be gathering for a funeral soon, sigh.

Last week nearly killed me. I had 4 large orders and my body quit on me. Xander had been sick and the sleepless nights finally did me in and I was feeling my body start to fall to the illness too, but I had to finish. I did, but the next day I was just a mess. The weekend was pretty much a write off, my voice was gone, my throat was sore and my body ached. We had a long meeting on Sunday as part of the refocusing, so it was a long day for us all that I didn't want to miss. Just hard to recover when you have things to do. Thankfully its a lighter week, only 2 small orders, and I am enjoying getting moments just to sit and play with Xander.

I am feeling sad about not having Easter decorations up this year. The place is filled with boxes and with wanting to keep things safe and not getting lost it just didn't make sense to have them up. So I just put up the kids easter egg bags just so its something so I won't be so sad. Haha. Next year, count on some new goodies, as Pinterest is my new friend, haha.

Next week is the start of Ariel's spring break from school. Its 2 weeks long and the only thing I have booked is swimming lessons in the mornings. Hoping to do some fun things but with all the craziness of the coming move its hard to say. Good thing Ariel enjoys packing, haha. She is too cute!

Not much else to say, I am feeling somewhat lazy. I need to finish a Barney cake... yes as in Dinosaur... yeah kids still like him! Weird eh?! Right now his little rice krispie treat form is chilling in my fridge... so maybe I'll make pancakes. Yum. Random thoughts with Jay.... yeppers.

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