Saturday, March 31, 2012

Big Day

Today we got our keys, a tad earlier than expected, but it was still exciting to get in just several hours sooner! I was out with Ariel today, so I missed the first walk through but when we got home we met Ken and Xander at our place... wow, OUR place, eek! We discovered the previous owner had forgot several things, including a Christmas tree and photos in the crawl space, a pink bathrobe, a tv attached to the wall in Xander's room and a few things in the kitchen... oh and they left that hideous claw thing by the door. Ariel found it use for it by hanging her bag of cookies from it, lol.

I plan on taking better 'before' shots before things get started, my battery was dying and so the shots aren't that great, but they shot the space at least. Once the furniture was out it was easier to see how dirty the walls were. Will start cleaning them to prep for painting this week, yay!

Dad, Rita and Katie came by to see things and it was good to go through a few things on a long list of things we will do as we go. One thing... these people apparently loved brass. Seems to be in every fixture. Not really my favorite... and we shall phase those out as we go. They also didn't seem to possess a level, as no shelving in ANY closet is actually installed level!!! Not that it matters, they are all broken and will be coming out.

I am very glad we made the call to replace all the appliances in the end. Now on closer inspection an all of them, they are pretty beat up. We found wads of baked on gum in the dryer all over - GROSS! I am excited to see all the pretty ones (not to mention, clean, unbroken ones) arrive this week! Going to make such a difference!

The first thing I couldn't get over was the AMAZING natural light! It was beautiful and filled the rooms. For us being in a very dark place for so many years its so awesome.

The kids were running all over, enjoying the empty rooms and closets while they could. Ken and I went around taking pictures of closets and the rooms to use for reference when making decisions where things will go for the move.

When we were leaving we got to meet our new next door neighbour!!! She was sooooooooo lovely, and was excited to meet us too. We got to meet their dog, a hound who was adorable. Ariel and Xander really liked him. Ken had met another neighbour earlier who was also extremely welcoming and so we are thrilled. Nothing beats nice and friendly neighbours!

I see the amount of work ahead of us in the coming weeks, totally worth it but its a lot. I only took off so much time from my work, Easter is next week and my calendar is filling up fast with bookings! My head spins a bit but so many things we can do once we are in and settled.

Our first photo together in our home!

Very blessed, very thankful and very ready to move!!!


kelly ens said...

YAAAAAAAAAAY! So excited for you guys :)

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