Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Seems like in the final few weeks my life has been one big list... or many little lists. I do see some progress, which of course is exciting because it means we are drawing near to D-day (YAY) but of course that brings uncertainty, which I never deal well with. I am eager to get in, get settled and get on with life.

In the past few days I have updated our insurance from tenants to townhouse/condo, which actually was cheaper, always nice. Got the hydro shut off date booked for here and new account set up for new home. Mail forwarding done, movers booked, signing day booked with the lawyer and much packing complete. We also managed to donate another car full, literally full, of stuff to the thrift store, which is always exciting.

Spring break started with us attending a memorial for my Uncle as you recall I mention passed away. It was nice to see some family and friends, but of course its never nice under the circumstances. It also seemed to mess up my head as I have still not figured out what day it is until usually after lunch. Good thing I don't have much on my schedule.

Today was a busy day starting with Ariel's swimming lessons at the local pool. I was surprised how empty it was compared to last year. Maybe people signed up for later sessions but just seemed odd. Oh well, I don't mind not having to park at the back of the lot to get a spot, haha. Its amazing how with Ariel's latest growth spurt how much stronger she is. She is doing pretty well so far, she is struggling with the side glide. I am pleased with her teacher, so regardless if she passes this time or not she is learning a lot. Xander loves watching her. 'Look Mommy! Aria swims!'

After class today we went and picked up my Dad and went out to look at fridges. I had seen one I had liked but I can always use feedback. I had done my price comparisons before heading in, so I knew which place had it for the lowest price. One surprise was finding our washer and drier combo today. There was a sale ending and when it was the place that had the best price on my fridge choice it was a no brainer... especially when I heard I'd only pay one delivery charge if I ordered them both today, haha. Sold! The sales gal was fab, and got my forms filled out as I would get a $75 rebate as my washer was energy efficient, woot! Then gave me the info about getting hydro to pick up the old fridge and get $30, woot woot.

Ours will be a left hinge due to its place in the kitchen. I love the curve on the top, it matches my stove that has the same curve. I didn't realize that until today.

The inside is what sold me on this one though. We are giving up our extra freezer, so I love the pull out drawer (and that we can get an ice maker installed in it, yay for that since I am an ice freak!) The shelves are all movable and half sides, which is key in making room for cakes that might be odd shapes... thus allowing us room for our food too. The door space is bigger too, so that is a plus, everything pops out for easy cleaning, see through shelves, drawers all good good good. I am a happy girl!

Laundry time! Oooh pretty! We are stacking them, and not getting the pedestal piece, as people who are short like me don't need it, lol. Ken thinks they look like aliens which one eye... like Mike from Monster's Inc... perhaps we have names for them then? Yes I name everything... hee.

We had some lunch, hit Costco before heading home. Ariel then stayed for some bike riding time while I came home with a sleeping boy. Ken came home early from work sick as a dog. The poor guy keeps going but is seriously out of it. He finally caught what we all had, sigh. Came home and went straight to bed until dinner time. Sounds like he might need to finally take a sick day tomorrow... we shall see.

Kids have hair appointments tomorrow afternoon and I have a cake to decorate so it will be a productive day to say the least.... bed time.... yawn.

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kelly ens said...

productivity is fun! The appliances look great - so much fun (amazing what thrills us in this stage of life, hey? :)

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