Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Say Hello to my Little Friend

This morning I realized the sale was ending at Home Depot today, so I packed the kids up and headed off to order my new OVEN! *Insert squealing here* I got helped by a lovely lady who actually lives in our area, so she was very excited for our home purchase and choice in oven. So here it is!

It is so pretty! I LOVE it!!! Its a flat top with 4 burners and one warming burner, its convection, self cleaning (with the bottom element inside the unit hidden, swoon) and a warming drawer. After all my research I got it for the lowest price I could. So its booked for delivery shortly after we move! Ariel has named the oven 'Cookie' while Xander suggested 'McQueen', big surprise eh? I don't know what we will call it but for now its simply called BEAUTIFUL. I can't wait to bake my first cake with it, the many Thanksgivings and Christmas dinners and so much more... my heart is happy.

I have my fridge picked out too, still narrowing down the best price around. Its equally pretty and I can't wait to share that treasure too. Man, you know you are a grown up when you get excited about appliances. Haha.


kelly ens said...

ooooh, VERY pretty!!!

Love is all you need said...

Very pretty! I am jealous! Love your blog.

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