Friday, December 28, 2012

Merry Christmas - 2012

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you have been having a wonderful holiday, I know I have! Its been very relaxing and I have been a very lazy girl, its fabulous!
Christmas Eve was lovely and meaningful. I spent a good chunk of the evening running around doing 'behind the scenes' stuff with organizing the kids for the continued nativity story and being on 'light' duty for the dance as Kara had to be in it as one of the older girls couldn't be at the service. Ken filmed it this time with no issues, andso here is the second performance.

As promised a picture as Ariel as Mary and Ben her Joseph. 

Following the service we drove around looking at the lights, always fun, although the kids were eager to go home and eat! While the snacks cooked (mushroom caps & meatballs yummy) we got into our jammies and took our annual photo in front of the tree! Xander didn't fight the process this year, and its amazing how balancing a toy car on my camera can help, haha.

We watched Veggie Tales - St Nicholas and then tucked the kids in bed... however only one stayed. Xander had fallen asleep during the Christmas Eve service and was not going to bed anytime soon. after laying with him and nearly falling asleep myself, we finally decided that I would 'set up' and Ken would keep Xander 'occupied' so he doesn't come downstairs while I am busy. 

Took be about an hour to get things out of hiding places (you need to be creative when you have no closet doors yet), getting them under the tree, wrapping a few things I forgot, and filling stockings. When it was all done it was close to 1am, gack! I took a picture of the glow of the tree and fireplace... so peaceful.

When I went up to our room, Ken was already asleep but guess who was wide awake watching Thomas the train on our bed? Oh Xander! So we snuggled and soon he finally gave up the fight and went to sleep. Thankfully no one woke up till past 7am, and it was Ken who woke up first, a change for sure since he usually is the hardest to wake up. We all got up and came downstairs, the kids were excited and opened their stockings to fun treasures!

I popped the make ahead breakfast goodies into the oven while we started presents. Xander definitely caught on this year about opening things. He was getting so excited and overwhelmed he started to shake at one point. 

The kids all got some fun surprises. Xander got a cool cars 'super speedway' and some Star Wars toys to start his 'nerd' status early. Not sure who was more excited, Ken or Xander haha.

Ariel got some Littlest Pet Shop toys, a Marie-Grace doll (thanks AG for the amazing sale) and a talking Bacon stuffed toy from Uncle Dan.

Both kids got Furbys...

...and Mommy too, my cute white one... I haven't grown up yet. Xander seems to like getting them all together for 'furby' chats. Maybe he understands them, haha.

We did dinner at Dad and Rita's with the rest of the family. Yummy turkey and the fixins' - althought I always miss the leftovers when you don't cook yourself... must make turkey over break at some point.

The past few days have been a blur since we haven't done much of anything. Its been AWESOME! Staying in pjs, resting, playing and just hanging out together. I said on facebook the best vacations are the ones where you wake up and have no clue what day it is. Haha.

Planning some outtings and visits with people next week, and an Open House that we have wanted have since we moved. Should be fun times and I am eager to ring in 2013. Whee!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Continued Update

*This post have been saved and for some reason didn't post... probably because I forgot, blah!*

These are a few thoughts and photos I forgot to add to my previous post. So they are scattered and brief-

Ariel had a full week leading up to the holidays, she finished her lastest swimming lessons, and passed Swim Kids level 3 and most of the requirements for level 4 as her teacher decided to test her since she was doing so well! It was amazing to start watching her learn basic diving skills, and she is eager to start in level 4 in the new year. Xander wants to start lessons too, but we will see (he forgets he will need to wet his hair, haha)

Ariel's offical dance gear arrived! She LOVES her coat and sweatpants.

We had snow for one day - Ariel was thrilled, Xander hated it (thus no pictures of him in it as he refused to go near it)

I helped out in Ariel's class to make gingerbread houses (or graham crackers in this case). It was lots of fun and the kids had a fun time. 

Last Day of school, Ariel's school all went skating and then watched 'Santa Paws' in the afternoon. Everyone remember the movies we saw in school? For some reason we always saw 'The Man from Snowy River' or 'The Man from Snowy River Returns' haha.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas is Coming!

*This post have been saved and for some reason didn't post... probably because I forgot, blah!*

Soon... as in a few days! Wow, that went fast. Its been a blur here of activities and all the extra goodies that fill December up with so much fun. Here is a quick recap on some of the stuff that has been happening around here.

Work! For both Ken and I have been a busy. He was doing a few late nights and I had multiple orders that were one after the other so when I finally finished this week my final cake before my break, I was exhaused. I was finding it tricky after my summer break to really find that rhythm again with my work, almost questioning if I was still motivated, but after a full week I found that fun and joy again and put out some great work and found my 'groove'. Looking forward to some photo shoots coming up in the new year, and working with some new couples for wedding orders.

Concerts! We had Ariel's school concert last week and it was super cute! All about this family trying to contact Santa through facebook, twitter, skype, texting etc. but the person who finally gets him to come is the little girl who writes a simple letter asking for love and joy for the world. It was awesome and I attended both the dress rehersal and evening performance.

Ariel's class sang about wanting teeth for Christmas. Ariel said at one point that is was rediculous for her to sing it because she hasn't lost a tooth yet. Poor girl is desperate to have one come out... I have a feeling it will be sometime soon, but we shall see.

Then this past Sunday was the church's concert, although it really wasn't a 'concert' for say but more of the children being featured during the service celebrating the 3rd Sunday of Advent by having them do things like reading a poem, dance, living nativity and singing. With running the children's program that included taking on the responciblity. I was eager to let these kids shine, and I think they were all fantastic. I was sweating by the end of it all, haha, from running around. I couldn't even rest afterwards since I had an order to finish, haha. Oh well. The kids are continuing the living nativity on Christmas Eve and the girls are preforming their dance again.

Ken was having camera issues and missed taping both the nativity and dance but we got a friend's copy and we will film on Christmas Eve. Check it out, so proud of the girls... and my girly too.

Speaking of my girl, she played Mary (mainly because all the girls wanted to be angels, and I ended up convincing her because I needed someone, and its easier to convince your own kid!) I will get a photo of her in her costume, with Joseph, who is towering over her, haha, but he was the only boy willing to do it, and with roughly only 15 kids its limiting. Excited to see them all perform again next week, its a big deal to be a part of the Christmas Eve service, so I am thrilled for them. I resently joined the worship team at church for helping with planning stuff, so I could get the kids more involved. Its another thing, but I feel so excited that its really not 'work' but a joy.

Xander has been a busy boy at school too. He has been learning about 'baby Jesus' and tells me about it which just melts my heart everytime. Today he had his 'party day' when the parents come to see the kids sing, and he did as he usually does, sit and pout. He isn't one for singing, he likes to be a part of the group but the moment its him in the spotlight he tends to retreat. Very similar to me growing up, so its nothing new. I eventually got over it, so will he... in his time. The hard part is watching him get upset, and start to cry. Today it just got to me, I am sure its just the whole emotional build up from the tragedy of the school shooting in the USA, so my body finally just gave in and sobbed following his class.

He has been really coming into his own lately. Very chatty, lots to draw (still not committed to right or left hand, although he does seem to be more 'right' these days) and race the cars around the couch. He attemped his name this past week, with me showing him how to make his letters on a separate page, and then him trying it. I was amazed since the last time we tried he wouldn't go past the 'a' in his name. I did see some of 'Ariel's' perfectionism come out in him when looking at his letters and saying 'they don't look quite right'. Oh help me now if he is like her that way! Haha.

One thing that we are looking forward to is Xander having his own 'extra ciricular' activity come January. After attending a friend's birthday at the gymnastics club, he hasn't stopped talking about it. So I found a 3 year old class and his good buddy Colin will be in the same group, so that will be lots of fun for them. He also started talking about wanting to swim like Ariel, so we will see. I think I might take him to the pool first before signing him up for a class so I can see how he will react.

Ok, gotta go, but will update more soon!

Monday, December 03, 2012

Yikes... December!!!!!!!

Wow, its been pretty much a month since I blogged... not that I haven't thought about it, but I find sometimes my evenings are me going to bed earlier than I used to. I miss writing, so maybe I will try to get on here more. I have been also enjoying our FIRST CHRISTMAS in our new place. Its been a long awaited holiday I couldn't wait to have here. So far, I am not disappointed and I can only picture the years to come, hee.

I got most of our decorations up just prior to December, since I spread it out over several days, I even still find myself doing more touches as the days go by. New digs and no plan makes it a tad more of a lengthy process. My dream of having our kid's stockings hanging at a fireplace came true this year. I was nearly in tears, it was something I dreamed of for so long. Sure its a 'fake' fireplace but its still something!!!!!

The kids got new trees for their rooms this year. Ariel got a purple one...

...and Xander a blue one

...we even got a tree in our room!

Our shopping is pretty much finished, just a few things left to pick up and wrap. My schedule until the kids are off is pretty darn full of orders, so its a good thing to have most things done. I also have been super busy with the church's kid program. I love my role as Children's coordinator, but it is a lot at times, but I am blessed with how well its all falling into place with the new Sunday School type program I introduced and now our Advent program is coming nicely. Woot!

This morning I took the kids for the annual photo session with our friend Maria. Ariel had a day off school for a district closure, so it worked perfectly. Xander did so much better this time, and actually preferred his pictures to be with Ariel! Last year she couldn't even sit beside him without him freaking, this year lots of hugs and kisses, I was melting. Made picking our prints difficult, haha.

Ariel is looking more and more grown up these days. Its amazing how their faces change from Kindergarten to Grade one! This photo when I saw it really sums up our girl, sparkly, sweet and spunky. She is becoming a lovely young gal, we are blessed to be raising her

Xander, again another shot that sums up our boy. Unique, cool and laid back.... just stick wheels on him and that is him in a nutshell. I really do see myself mainly in Xander. I can identify mainly with him, and we have a special bond because of it. My sweet boy, chillin'. 

Then this afternoon we had a playdate with our friend Kaelyn, so that was fun... and helped filled the day. Ha! This week I have 2 pretty large orders and a shopping trip with Stella for our annual Christmas pj fabric!

Other news, I painted the windows of the library at Ariel's school and helped her class bake gingerbread men cookies. That was fun! I have also been helping out with the PAC and did the gift card ordering for the entire school.. glad its a small school, haha.

Ok, off to do some work before bed, lots to get done!

Sunday, November 04, 2012

Day of rest!

I'm sleepy... good but sleepy.

The past weekend was a tad nuts with some big orders, also a last minute trip to the mall to get Ken some much needed shoes without holes, haha.  I had just finished a gigantic Elmo cake that was about 19 inches tall that took up half our fridge, along with 50 Elmo cake pops that Xander enjoyed commenting on. 'Many Elmo heads Mommy!'

The weather was pretty nasty this week. I hate cold rain, and we had LOTS of it. Thankfully on Halloween night the rain let up for 2 hours and we got our 2 hugs bags of candy. Haha. We went out with Dad in his neighbourhood and enjoyed the close homes and no traffic. Xander was really into it this year, not wanting to be in the stroller for most of the night (except for a brief time when he wanted to be carried, only to give him a second wind, haha). He managed to learn half way through to say 'trick or treat' and remembering 'thank you' due to Ariel's constant reminding and teaching, hee. (sorry only a cell phone picture from Ken, I was off for the night, haha)

Saturday was the annual Catholic church / school bazaar in town that kicks off all the Christmas activities around here. I was excited to go, and Stella came with me as Ariel was at dance and Ken was on cake pick up duty. It was nice as we could celebrate Stella's birthday and enjoy yummy sandwiches. I picked up a cute  Christmas mouse craft for Ariel's room. I am SOOOO excited to decorate our new place this year. It will be a new experience and probably longer to do since its all different but it will be a blast as well! Ariel really wanted a pink tree to go in her room, so we will see.

After Ariel came home from dance she was able to show me a good chunk of the routine they have learned for her competition jazz class. One word, WOW! I can't believe what they have learned thus far and how sharp she is. She kept practicing over and over, you can really tell she loves it. They are doing their dance to 'Waka Waka' by Shakira, the song done for the 2010 FIFA World Cup. I remember how much I loved it when it came out, so to see Ariel dance to it is awesome. They started talking costumes and hair, so that is exciting too.

Today on this rainy Sunday, we decided to go see the new movie Wreck-It-Ralph. Now, I am not a fan of seeing movies on opening weekends, ever... but I don't know what came over me. Hehe. So we went and saw upon arriving early, wasn't early enough. The show we were aiming for was sold out. Boo! The next show wasn't that much later BUT it was the 3D one which means its more money, BOO! We had free coupons for Ken and I but then had to pay extra for the 3D, sigh... oh well. Thankfully Xander was able to sit through most of it, he came and sat on my lap for the last 15 minutes but wasn't fussy so that was a bonus! He liked the car race scene, also a bonus! Its a great film, lots of fun and I would totally watch it again.

This week I have only 2 orders, a small wedding one and a baby shower. Looking forward to some time to get some things done around here that have been waiting for me. Also going to be painting the library window at Ariel's school next week, so will be planning that out. Never a dull moment.

Remembrance Day is approaching too, and I will be helping our Spark troop out in the parade but sadly missing Ken's sermon at church, thank goodness for technology and I can listen later! Speaking of church, we have an official candidate for our lead pastor position!!! I am EXTREMELY thrilled and can't wait for the whole process to start. We have met them before at a friend's BBQ and I can't get over what a perfect match it is for our congregation. Eek! Lots of meet and greets happening then him doing the message one Sunday then the vote... oh its been such a long journey to this point so its a real answer to prayer. Yay!

Ok, the zombie show is over, and I can look at the tv, haha. Good night!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween 2012

From Mary Poppins and Bert, we hope your night is safe and fun.... and drier than perhaps our will be. Gack! 

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Update on Puppy

Well, he is hanging on, but it isn't improving. Its hard and I talked with Ariel last night that with the puppy being sick the chances of us getting one this time are pretty low. They probably won't have any more puppies till spring, so we might be waiting a bit longer but we are ready to do that.... but still its sad.

On a happier note, my little nephew is 2 today! Happy birthday Henry! We love you!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Family of 5?

Did that scare you? Haha... no, no babies here... but some family growth is coming. We have been very excited over Xander's potty training, woot! I never get tired of hearing, 'Mommy I need to pee'. Oh its music to my ears! Anyhoo, with this major milestone now passed and realizing our baby days were fading away I started longing... not for a baby, but a fuzzy baby...a puppy.

Now good people out there, I know the first thing most might say is, WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?! I miss having a dog, I have been longing for one since we were married but since we rented and couldn't have one it was a non issue... but the day we moved into our own place, it was then a reality... when! As you may remember when I first started this blog, my dog Lucas, a beautiful sheltie, was my dear companion. We had to put him down the day after my birthday while pregnant with Ariel. There was no question in my mind that I only wanted a sheltie again.

So I began the long process of looking at breeders and waitlists for puppies. Of course I also looked at rescue sites that help find new homes for shelties too, but with being a very popular breed, we had no luck there. Finally we found a wonderful breeder. She interviewed us over the phone and then shared the exciting news that a litter of puppies was on the way!

Meet Daddy and Mommy to the upcoming puppies! Aren't they beautiful! 

We were excited, kinda felt like expecting a baby, this time not knowing if it be a boy or girl we would get. Last night we got the email.... its a BOY! Mommy sheltie gave birth on Saturday to 2 little boys, one blue (grey) and one black. However, like sometimes happens in life, its not all we hoped... one of the puppies is not doing well. He is fighting hard and it will be a bit before we know if he survives. If the worse happens, its hard to say if we will get a puppy from this litter. We are praying that if its meant to be that things will work out, but my heart hurts. I will update as soon as we hear anything...

Sunday, October 21, 2012

What the?

Ok, my blog did something weird... all my pictures from about 2006 have vanished if they were uploaded from a particular site... not sure why but I am not happy. That really stinks.... not sure what I can do or if I will try and fix it. Sigh...

Saturday, October 06, 2012

Its October?! Whoa!

Seriously, where did the time go? I feel like this poor blog gets so neglected, but I am thinking things are finally getting into a roll and I am finding my groove. Whee!

Its been a crazy few weeks. I found myself focused on things like getting Xander transitioned more with school. I will admit it was a challenge, especially coming from having a child like Ariel who just has never had those sorts of issues. We had to work on people taking toys from him, he would scream as he and Ariel don't tend to fight over toys at home (just the ipad haha). It was suggested by his teacher to have Ariel randomly take things and practice using his words vs screaming. Slowly but surely he started to come around and now he is doing really well. Transitions between activities are coming along too, the more comfortable he gets in the class the better he acts.

What I LOVE is his love for school. He really is an amazing sponge that is taking in everything. He tells me about he loves teacher Pia, she is shiny (she has a bell, haha). That apples have stars in them, leaves help trees eat (they are learning about photosynthesis) and how they sorted animals from the mad math hat. We got to celebrate his birthday at the end of September on party day, and he got a cupcake, which was very special to him. We have also been doing a car pool, as we take his friend Colin after class one day a week to his daycare and then Xander comes home with Colin and his mom the other day. Its been a nice balance and great for Xander to be working with others as well.

Ariel as usual has been a whirlwind of activity and is loving being in grade one. We got to visit her desk during open house. She looked pretty grown up, sniff!

We have parent teacher interviews coming up so I look forward to getting to know her teacher more. Ariel's reading and writing skills blow me away. She is always upstairs writing away at her desk little poems and notes. She had her first homework assignment to make a family poster with photos... and glitter which of course was her way of adding some 'glamour' to it. Ha!

Sparks started up and I am enjoying being a leader and Ariel is loving being a second year. She started selling cookies... watch out for her, she is a good sales person.

Dance is in full swing and so far so good. She LOVES competition jazz class. She gets to open the dance and be the first on stage in the number, which she was SOOOOOOOOOOO excited about. She dances 2 hours on Saturdays, jazz to ballet which has been great, and an extra hour on Monday with her regular jazz class. Its hard to believe next year she starts ballet exams! We just ordered her official dance studio jacket and sweatpants, she promises to model them when they arrive, haha.

Ken and I got to have a REAL date. I got us tickets back in the summer to Roxette and Glass Tiger. SOOO awesome! It was a great show and nice to spend time with just Ken. We got to have dinner out at the Keg on the rooftop patio with a special coupon he had been saving. Great view and delicious food. Yum!

September also turned out to be wedding month, I think I did like 4-5 wedding cakes, which was exhausting. I love wedding cakes, but they are higher stress and I am glad they are done till November! This was the last one I did... along with 260 cake pops... yep that nearly killed me!

Now we are in October and its Thanksgiving weekend. Ken is away all weekend for a speaking engagement outside Seattle. The kids miss him and so do I! However I have had lots to do that keeps me busy and distracted. I finished up the last of Ariel's costumes today, and I must say I am in LOVE with her Mary Poppins dress. I don't think I can top this one, its beautiful! I still have to make Xander's, but since Ariel needs this for the upcoming pageant, I had to bust it out fast. We are going out to do photos in it tomorrow so I will post those soon.

Well, have a wonderful Thanksgiving, we celebrate on Monday when Ken gets back home. Yay turkey!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Xander's Journey

Its a strange thing when your youngest starts school, you feel everything from pride to fear. Xander has been so so so excited about school. He has watched Ariel go off and play and learn for the past few years and wanted so badly to be there too. Finally the day came and it was his turn.

He was up early, dressed and ready for photos. All the way he was yelling, I go to school, look at my school, I love my school, look my friends, hi friends. However its the being in school that is the challenge for my little man. He has no issues being left by me, its the stopping play time to come sit and do other things. The first day I figured yes that was normal, but it was hard watching the other kids come to sit and my son not want to. Then today for his second intro day again it was a struggle. His teachers pushed a bit more to get him to do the activity, and he did, so small victory, but then clean up time was difficult... so much so he cried all the way home.

Its hard seeing my son cry, its even harder when I don't understand why this is a problem. At home its no issue, of course he complains at times but eventually follows through. Its also hard when your first child has no issues like this, and you start to doubt your parenting. I keep reminding myself he is a different child, and is more 'stubborn' like his mommy and is going to need time to adjust. I am not worried yet, embarrassed at times because I wish I could step in and help but I know that isn't the answer. He has to learn to listen to others in charge and I know he can, it just takes time... oh time, blah!

So I am playing a new game at home, Xander plays and I set a timer, when it goes we need to stop and clean up. I am hoping it helps. Honestly I know its just because these are new toys and how exciting that is for him, but its the least I can do to help my fears of my sweet boy's progress... especially when he loves school so much, I don't want that love to go away. I am thankful his pre-school believe in not pushing him too much, but enough to start to make progress. He is a momma's boy, and listens to me, but he needs to learn to listen to others... it will come, praying its soon, haha.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Welcome September

Well its now full swing into September, Ariel started Grade one last week and this week all her activities start up again, whee! It was a pretty exciting time at our house getting the princess ready. Of course the first day is only a half day, and technically she would be in limbo, as all the kids don't learn who their teachers are until the following morning. She was excited to see all her friends again and we were anxious to hear who would be together as there was a split kindy and grade one class and a full grade one class.

The following morning we found out who her teacher was and that she was in the split class. Only 8 grade ones together, but thankfully the 3 girls are her best friends and they are all in sparks together, so as Moms we were thrilled and glad to know it was a good group. One of Ariel's really good friends however was in the other class, and that was a tad disappointing but her Mom just registered her in Sparks for this year too so they can at least be together that way, YAY! Speaking of Sparks, I am becoming a leader as you recall this year, and we have our meeting tonight, hee.

Xander has been eagerly waiting his turn for school, and tomorrow is his big day! We talk about it and he grins and shouts YAY. I hope it goes as smoothly as Ariel's transition to pre-school was. Time will tell, either way, he is happy to go, so that is awesome. Speaking of Xander, we are in underpants all day now, and doing really well. He still isn't picking up on his cues, but goes when we tell him to go... and he holds it until we do so that is great. Plus every morning he wakes up dry, wow! So proud of him, and he loves his big boy pants.

Last week along with the crazy week, I had 2 wedding cake orders! Both cakes turned out fantastic, and I was so happy, however I had a hard time with the drop off of one and meeting my contact person who basically blew me off for 3 hours! Yes, he kept calling and saying oh 20 more minutes and then proceeded to not come. Frankly this is why I insist on being paid prior to the event but against my better judgement I let them pay the day of, promising me the person be there on time... I am adding a new clause to my contract if in these cases there will be an hourly charge... still haven't decided if I am going to try and bill them for that extra time, as it was ridiculous! Every time I think about it I get angry then cry, as when I finally did get paid his apology was $15 extra... yeah... I will keep my words to myself on that one. Grrr.

Thankfully the one delivery on Sunday was far easier. I always love seeing the decorated reception sites, it really is my favorite part of wedding cakes, but I wish the business side was easier at times... I am too nice.

Ok, I am going to enjoy the rest of my afternoon. I'll post some pictures later this week from Xander's first day, hee.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Coming to an end

Wow, its been a month pretty much since I blogged and its almost the end of summer. Oops.

Well, what to say. We celebrated my little man's birthday! Yes, Xander is now a big 3 year old boy, going to preschool this fall and wearing big boy underpants... the latter is still a work in progress but we are doing well. Today we went and picked up more underpants and Xander helped pick some he liked. Such diverse taste, some with robots, others with dogs. Still hard to believe he is 3! Wow.

Xander's party was fun and low key, much like our little man. He requested hot dogs and chips for his event. Mommy managed to add some fun Cars touches. Sometimes I feel with 2 birthdays in the same month its nuts but we had fun and Xander had a great time.

Lots of special gifts from family and friends. We gave Xander a wooden BBQ set which he really took a liking too. He loves serving us up meat haha. Its nice since we knew how much he loved Ariel's kitchen so this is just for him.

This week I took off some time from cakes to spend with the kids and work around the house a bit. Got some projects done I was really wanting to do before school started. Got to do a few I wasn't expecting but were fun. Our neighbours were getting rid of an electric fireplace and mantel and let us have it for FREE! I spent about $15 for some spray paint and goo remover and managed to fix this..

... to this! Plus the fire place works and has heat we discovered! Score! It totally changes our living room and I am SO SO SO excited. Can't wait to have our stockings at Christmas time. Plus nothing beats hanging out in the evening with the glow of the 'fire' filling the room.

With the new fireplace came a need to get a little shelf for our DVR and stuff that no longer fit. That meant a trip to Ikea, which for kids is like a mini Disneyland. The new Ikea is pretty crazy. The kids enjoyed checking out the rooms and I saw some good ideas for our bathroom makeover that is down the road at some point. We had lunch since you can't beat the cheap food. The kids LOVED the meatballs and the little table, hee.

We found our little bench that worked perfectly and was inexpensive, woot, and we went off to Home Depot for a new heat light for the bathroom and got some new flowers for our patio planters.

This week also meant back to school haircuts for everyone. First the kids, Xander got his just in time for his birthday party, Ariel got hers next and is sporting a pink hair extension that is super cute. Tonight it was my turn, my locks are gorgeous and dark now and I took off 3-4 inches. Ariel wanted me to get some pink hair too, maybe next time.

Ariel has been doing one last round of swimming lessons this week, she is determined to pass crocodile, and who am I to stand in her way. Technically she old enough to go to swim kids levels now, but after her private lesson, the instructor said it wouldn't hurt for her to finish the 'preschool' program since she is on the petite side. After looking at the red cross page they usually keep kids in the program until they turn 7, so I feel fine doing that, plus she would love to pass whale, just because she wants the silly sticker.

What else... oh Ariel had her pageant which she got to wear her new poofy dress we got second hand on a pageant facebook page.

She ended up winning Level one Supreme. The disappointing part was during crowning they realized someone had stolen 3 of the big tiaras! So they had to crown the girls in smaller ones and they are ordering replacements. The director was in tears and felt so awful for them. Ariel is eagerly waiting for her special cupcake crown to come, this is what it looks like. We are done pageants till October when Ariel has a weekend event that we get to stay at a hotel for. Most likely we will do the odd one here and there, but that will be it once dance starts up again. She is eager for that, and especially her competition class, the girl loves a crowd... SO not something I share with her, but I am happy to encourage it.

My fall is pretty crazy, as I am taking on a new role at church taking over the Children's education area as director, I think that is what they are calling me, and basically restructuring it as we needed some serious changes. I'll share more in the coming weeks, but I am excited and eager to let God use me and my gifts for our church and our kids.

So that is it in a nutshell, well the shorten version. Looking forward to more blogging with some 'Mommy' time I am getting come fall with BOTH kids in school. Wow.
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