Sunday, November 04, 2012

Day of rest!

I'm sleepy... good but sleepy.

The past weekend was a tad nuts with some big orders, also a last minute trip to the mall to get Ken some much needed shoes without holes, haha.  I had just finished a gigantic Elmo cake that was about 19 inches tall that took up half our fridge, along with 50 Elmo cake pops that Xander enjoyed commenting on. 'Many Elmo heads Mommy!'

The weather was pretty nasty this week. I hate cold rain, and we had LOTS of it. Thankfully on Halloween night the rain let up for 2 hours and we got our 2 hugs bags of candy. Haha. We went out with Dad in his neighbourhood and enjoyed the close homes and no traffic. Xander was really into it this year, not wanting to be in the stroller for most of the night (except for a brief time when he wanted to be carried, only to give him a second wind, haha). He managed to learn half way through to say 'trick or treat' and remembering 'thank you' due to Ariel's constant reminding and teaching, hee. (sorry only a cell phone picture from Ken, I was off for the night, haha)

Saturday was the annual Catholic church / school bazaar in town that kicks off all the Christmas activities around here. I was excited to go, and Stella came with me as Ariel was at dance and Ken was on cake pick up duty. It was nice as we could celebrate Stella's birthday and enjoy yummy sandwiches. I picked up a cute  Christmas mouse craft for Ariel's room. I am SOOOO excited to decorate our new place this year. It will be a new experience and probably longer to do since its all different but it will be a blast as well! Ariel really wanted a pink tree to go in her room, so we will see.

After Ariel came home from dance she was able to show me a good chunk of the routine they have learned for her competition jazz class. One word, WOW! I can't believe what they have learned thus far and how sharp she is. She kept practicing over and over, you can really tell she loves it. They are doing their dance to 'Waka Waka' by Shakira, the song done for the 2010 FIFA World Cup. I remember how much I loved it when it came out, so to see Ariel dance to it is awesome. They started talking costumes and hair, so that is exciting too.

Today on this rainy Sunday, we decided to go see the new movie Wreck-It-Ralph. Now, I am not a fan of seeing movies on opening weekends, ever... but I don't know what came over me. Hehe. So we went and saw upon arriving early, wasn't early enough. The show we were aiming for was sold out. Boo! The next show wasn't that much later BUT it was the 3D one which means its more money, BOO! We had free coupons for Ken and I but then had to pay extra for the 3D, sigh... oh well. Thankfully Xander was able to sit through most of it, he came and sat on my lap for the last 15 minutes but wasn't fussy so that was a bonus! He liked the car race scene, also a bonus! Its a great film, lots of fun and I would totally watch it again.

This week I have only 2 orders, a small wedding one and a baby shower. Looking forward to some time to get some things done around here that have been waiting for me. Also going to be painting the library window at Ariel's school next week, so will be planning that out. Never a dull moment.

Remembrance Day is approaching too, and I will be helping our Spark troop out in the parade but sadly missing Ken's sermon at church, thank goodness for technology and I can listen later! Speaking of church, we have an official candidate for our lead pastor position!!! I am EXTREMELY thrilled and can't wait for the whole process to start. We have met them before at a friend's BBQ and I can't get over what a perfect match it is for our congregation. Eek! Lots of meet and greets happening then him doing the message one Sunday then the vote... oh its been such a long journey to this point so its a real answer to prayer. Yay!

Ok, the zombie show is over, and I can look at the tv, haha. Good night!

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