Monday, December 03, 2012

Yikes... December!!!!!!!

Wow, its been pretty much a month since I blogged... not that I haven't thought about it, but I find sometimes my evenings are me going to bed earlier than I used to. I miss writing, so maybe I will try to get on here more. I have been also enjoying our FIRST CHRISTMAS in our new place. Its been a long awaited holiday I couldn't wait to have here. So far, I am not disappointed and I can only picture the years to come, hee.

I got most of our decorations up just prior to December, since I spread it out over several days, I even still find myself doing more touches as the days go by. New digs and no plan makes it a tad more of a lengthy process. My dream of having our kid's stockings hanging at a fireplace came true this year. I was nearly in tears, it was something I dreamed of for so long. Sure its a 'fake' fireplace but its still something!!!!!

The kids got new trees for their rooms this year. Ariel got a purple one...

...and Xander a blue one

...we even got a tree in our room!

Our shopping is pretty much finished, just a few things left to pick up and wrap. My schedule until the kids are off is pretty darn full of orders, so its a good thing to have most things done. I also have been super busy with the church's kid program. I love my role as Children's coordinator, but it is a lot at times, but I am blessed with how well its all falling into place with the new Sunday School type program I introduced and now our Advent program is coming nicely. Woot!

This morning I took the kids for the annual photo session with our friend Maria. Ariel had a day off school for a district closure, so it worked perfectly. Xander did so much better this time, and actually preferred his pictures to be with Ariel! Last year she couldn't even sit beside him without him freaking, this year lots of hugs and kisses, I was melting. Made picking our prints difficult, haha.

Ariel is looking more and more grown up these days. Its amazing how their faces change from Kindergarten to Grade one! This photo when I saw it really sums up our girl, sparkly, sweet and spunky. She is becoming a lovely young gal, we are blessed to be raising her

Xander, again another shot that sums up our boy. Unique, cool and laid back.... just stick wheels on him and that is him in a nutshell. I really do see myself mainly in Xander. I can identify mainly with him, and we have a special bond because of it. My sweet boy, chillin'. 

Then this afternoon we had a playdate with our friend Kaelyn, so that was fun... and helped filled the day. Ha! This week I have 2 pretty large orders and a shopping trip with Stella for our annual Christmas pj fabric!

Other news, I painted the windows of the library at Ariel's school and helped her class bake gingerbread men cookies. That was fun! I have also been helping out with the PAC and did the gift card ordering for the entire school.. glad its a small school, haha.

Ok, off to do some work before bed, lots to get done!

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