Saturday, December 22, 2012

Continued Update

*This post have been saved and for some reason didn't post... probably because I forgot, blah!*

These are a few thoughts and photos I forgot to add to my previous post. So they are scattered and brief-

Ariel had a full week leading up to the holidays, she finished her lastest swimming lessons, and passed Swim Kids level 3 and most of the requirements for level 4 as her teacher decided to test her since she was doing so well! It was amazing to start watching her learn basic diving skills, and she is eager to start in level 4 in the new year. Xander wants to start lessons too, but we will see (he forgets he will need to wet his hair, haha)

Ariel's offical dance gear arrived! She LOVES her coat and sweatpants.

We had snow for one day - Ariel was thrilled, Xander hated it (thus no pictures of him in it as he refused to go near it)

I helped out in Ariel's class to make gingerbread houses (or graham crackers in this case). It was lots of fun and the kids had a fun time. 

Last Day of school, Ariel's school all went skating and then watched 'Santa Paws' in the afternoon. Everyone remember the movies we saw in school? For some reason we always saw 'The Man from Snowy River' or 'The Man from Snowy River Returns' haha.

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