Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas is Coming!

*This post have been saved and for some reason didn't post... probably because I forgot, blah!*

Soon... as in a few days! Wow, that went fast. Its been a blur here of activities and all the extra goodies that fill December up with so much fun. Here is a quick recap on some of the stuff that has been happening around here.

Work! For both Ken and I have been a busy. He was doing a few late nights and I had multiple orders that were one after the other so when I finally finished this week my final cake before my break, I was exhaused. I was finding it tricky after my summer break to really find that rhythm again with my work, almost questioning if I was still motivated, but after a full week I found that fun and joy again and put out some great work and found my 'groove'. Looking forward to some photo shoots coming up in the new year, and working with some new couples for wedding orders.

Concerts! We had Ariel's school concert last week and it was super cute! All about this family trying to contact Santa through facebook, twitter, skype, texting etc. but the person who finally gets him to come is the little girl who writes a simple letter asking for love and joy for the world. It was awesome and I attended both the dress rehersal and evening performance.

Ariel's class sang about wanting teeth for Christmas. Ariel said at one point that is was rediculous for her to sing it because she hasn't lost a tooth yet. Poor girl is desperate to have one come out... I have a feeling it will be sometime soon, but we shall see.

Then this past Sunday was the church's concert, although it really wasn't a 'concert' for say but more of the children being featured during the service celebrating the 3rd Sunday of Advent by having them do things like reading a poem, dance, living nativity and singing. With running the children's program that included taking on the responciblity. I was eager to let these kids shine, and I think they were all fantastic. I was sweating by the end of it all, haha, from running around. I couldn't even rest afterwards since I had an order to finish, haha. Oh well. The kids are continuing the living nativity on Christmas Eve and the girls are preforming their dance again.

Ken was having camera issues and missed taping both the nativity and dance but we got a friend's copy and we will film on Christmas Eve. Check it out, so proud of the girls... and my girly too.

Speaking of my girl, she played Mary (mainly because all the girls wanted to be angels, and I ended up convincing her because I needed someone, and its easier to convince your own kid!) I will get a photo of her in her costume, with Joseph, who is towering over her, haha, but he was the only boy willing to do it, and with roughly only 15 kids its limiting. Excited to see them all perform again next week, its a big deal to be a part of the Christmas Eve service, so I am thrilled for them. I resently joined the worship team at church for helping with planning stuff, so I could get the kids more involved. Its another thing, but I feel so excited that its really not 'work' but a joy.

Xander has been a busy boy at school too. He has been learning about 'baby Jesus' and tells me about it which just melts my heart everytime. Today he had his 'party day' when the parents come to see the kids sing, and he did as he usually does, sit and pout. He isn't one for singing, he likes to be a part of the group but the moment its him in the spotlight he tends to retreat. Very similar to me growing up, so its nothing new. I eventually got over it, so will he... in his time. The hard part is watching him get upset, and start to cry. Today it just got to me, I am sure its just the whole emotional build up from the tragedy of the school shooting in the USA, so my body finally just gave in and sobbed following his class.

He has been really coming into his own lately. Very chatty, lots to draw (still not committed to right or left hand, although he does seem to be more 'right' these days) and race the cars around the couch. He attemped his name this past week, with me showing him how to make his letters on a separate page, and then him trying it. I was amazed since the last time we tried he wouldn't go past the 'a' in his name. I did see some of 'Ariel's' perfectionism come out in him when looking at his letters and saying 'they don't look quite right'. Oh help me now if he is like her that way! Haha.

One thing that we are looking forward to is Xander having his own 'extra ciricular' activity come January. After attending a friend's birthday at the gymnastics club, he hasn't stopped talking about it. So I found a 3 year old class and his good buddy Colin will be in the same group, so that will be lots of fun for them. He also started talking about wanting to swim like Ariel, so we will see. I think I might take him to the pool first before signing him up for a class so I can see how he will react.

Ok, gotta go, but will update more soon!

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