Monday, October 29, 2012

Family of 5?

Did that scare you? Haha... no, no babies here... but some family growth is coming. We have been very excited over Xander's potty training, woot! I never get tired of hearing, 'Mommy I need to pee'. Oh its music to my ears! Anyhoo, with this major milestone now passed and realizing our baby days were fading away I started longing... not for a baby, but a fuzzy baby...a puppy.

Now good people out there, I know the first thing most might say is, WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?! I miss having a dog, I have been longing for one since we were married but since we rented and couldn't have one it was a non issue... but the day we moved into our own place, it was then a reality... when! As you may remember when I first started this blog, my dog Lucas, a beautiful sheltie, was my dear companion. We had to put him down the day after my birthday while pregnant with Ariel. There was no question in my mind that I only wanted a sheltie again.

So I began the long process of looking at breeders and waitlists for puppies. Of course I also looked at rescue sites that help find new homes for shelties too, but with being a very popular breed, we had no luck there. Finally we found a wonderful breeder. She interviewed us over the phone and then shared the exciting news that a litter of puppies was on the way!

Meet Daddy and Mommy to the upcoming puppies! Aren't they beautiful! 

We were excited, kinda felt like expecting a baby, this time not knowing if it be a boy or girl we would get. Last night we got the email.... its a BOY! Mommy sheltie gave birth on Saturday to 2 little boys, one blue (grey) and one black. However, like sometimes happens in life, its not all we hoped... one of the puppies is not doing well. He is fighting hard and it will be a bit before we know if he survives. If the worse happens, its hard to say if we will get a puppy from this litter. We are praying that if its meant to be that things will work out, but my heart hurts. I will update as soon as we hear anything...

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