Thursday, September 13, 2012

Xander's Journey

Its a strange thing when your youngest starts school, you feel everything from pride to fear. Xander has been so so so excited about school. He has watched Ariel go off and play and learn for the past few years and wanted so badly to be there too. Finally the day came and it was his turn.

He was up early, dressed and ready for photos. All the way he was yelling, I go to school, look at my school, I love my school, look my friends, hi friends. However its the being in school that is the challenge for my little man. He has no issues being left by me, its the stopping play time to come sit and do other things. The first day I figured yes that was normal, but it was hard watching the other kids come to sit and my son not want to. Then today for his second intro day again it was a struggle. His teachers pushed a bit more to get him to do the activity, and he did, so small victory, but then clean up time was difficult... so much so he cried all the way home.

Its hard seeing my son cry, its even harder when I don't understand why this is a problem. At home its no issue, of course he complains at times but eventually follows through. Its also hard when your first child has no issues like this, and you start to doubt your parenting. I keep reminding myself he is a different child, and is more 'stubborn' like his mommy and is going to need time to adjust. I am not worried yet, embarrassed at times because I wish I could step in and help but I know that isn't the answer. He has to learn to listen to others in charge and I know he can, it just takes time... oh time, blah!

So I am playing a new game at home, Xander plays and I set a timer, when it goes we need to stop and clean up. I am hoping it helps. Honestly I know its just because these are new toys and how exciting that is for him, but its the least I can do to help my fears of my sweet boy's progress... especially when he loves school so much, I don't want that love to go away. I am thankful his pre-school believe in not pushing him too much, but enough to start to make progress. He is a momma's boy, and listens to me, but he needs to learn to listen to others... it will come, praying its soon, haha.


Anonymous said...

Not sure if you/the teachers are doing this, but one thing that has helped the little kiddies in my life is giving a warning when play time is finished. You can give the child 5 more minutes, then 2 more then 1 more minute and once that last minute is up, it's time to clean up. This can help prepare kids to be aware that an activity is ending and the expectation then is to clean up and move on. Also it might help then to redirect right away to a new activity.

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