Monday, September 10, 2012

Welcome September

Well its now full swing into September, Ariel started Grade one last week and this week all her activities start up again, whee! It was a pretty exciting time at our house getting the princess ready. Of course the first day is only a half day, and technically she would be in limbo, as all the kids don't learn who their teachers are until the following morning. She was excited to see all her friends again and we were anxious to hear who would be together as there was a split kindy and grade one class and a full grade one class.

The following morning we found out who her teacher was and that she was in the split class. Only 8 grade ones together, but thankfully the 3 girls are her best friends and they are all in sparks together, so as Moms we were thrilled and glad to know it was a good group. One of Ariel's really good friends however was in the other class, and that was a tad disappointing but her Mom just registered her in Sparks for this year too so they can at least be together that way, YAY! Speaking of Sparks, I am becoming a leader as you recall this year, and we have our meeting tonight, hee.

Xander has been eagerly waiting his turn for school, and tomorrow is his big day! We talk about it and he grins and shouts YAY. I hope it goes as smoothly as Ariel's transition to pre-school was. Time will tell, either way, he is happy to go, so that is awesome. Speaking of Xander, we are in underpants all day now, and doing really well. He still isn't picking up on his cues, but goes when we tell him to go... and he holds it until we do so that is great. Plus every morning he wakes up dry, wow! So proud of him, and he loves his big boy pants.

Last week along with the crazy week, I had 2 wedding cake orders! Both cakes turned out fantastic, and I was so happy, however I had a hard time with the drop off of one and meeting my contact person who basically blew me off for 3 hours! Yes, he kept calling and saying oh 20 more minutes and then proceeded to not come. Frankly this is why I insist on being paid prior to the event but against my better judgement I let them pay the day of, promising me the person be there on time... I am adding a new clause to my contract if in these cases there will be an hourly charge... still haven't decided if I am going to try and bill them for that extra time, as it was ridiculous! Every time I think about it I get angry then cry, as when I finally did get paid his apology was $15 extra... yeah... I will keep my words to myself on that one. Grrr.

Thankfully the one delivery on Sunday was far easier. I always love seeing the decorated reception sites, it really is my favorite part of wedding cakes, but I wish the business side was easier at times... I am too nice.

Ok, I am going to enjoy the rest of my afternoon. I'll post some pictures later this week from Xander's first day, hee.


kelly ens said...

Those cakes are beautiful! Sorry to hear about the downer of the first one :( That's the trouble with being in business...people that aren't all that helpful or even nice! :(
Hope all goes well for Xander tomorrow! :)

Dianne said...

Awe, look at your two school-aged kids!! Unbelievable!

BethE said...

Your cakes are great!

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