Sunday, February 12, 2012

Signed, Sealed, Delivered!

This is a tad late, but its been nutty here, but as of 10pm on Thursday night, we officially own our place! Of course their is stuff to come at closing, but as things go we have made it a done deal with our deposit cheque and signing one piece of paper. ACK!

It was pretty exciting and yet we were pretty subdued, still kinda bittersweet really. Missing all the people that made this possible, and wishing they were here to celebrate the moment with. Now it feels like things can't move fast enough. I am eager to pack, pick paint colors, look at new appliances and make it ours!

This week I had 4 big orders that kept me occupied most of the time. Then Ariel had 2 pageants this weekend, so I can honestly say I feel dead now. Haha. Here is a photo from the pageant photographer, Ee dupree. Unfortunately, they had a mix up and she didn't get shots of Ariel in her beauty and casual wear, so we get a free studio session to make up for it. Yay! I am learning what makes a good photo for these things, its sorta different from regular portraits. Good to know in case I add that to my stuff in the future. She is super sweet and Ariel loves her... but then Ariel loves getting her picture taken, lol.

Ariel did awesome, she won Talent Supreme for dance in her age category. That was the one thing she wanted to win, as she practiced every day after school. We will be getting a video of the performance so I will upload it when I do.

She also won 2nd place for the Valentine's photo, which is a shot I took, which made me feel awesome too!

She got a mini princess title overall, but this was her first big one, and she was up against girls who regularly do glitz so it was tough. In the end she had a blast, made some new friends and is eager for the next one.

This week I am just doing some family birthday cakes for Ken and Mike. The rest of the week is quiet, so I am actually looking forward to it since I kinda feel sickness coming on. Will do some overdue laundry, gosh I can't wait to have our own machine! I may even pack a little... oooh, packing!

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kelly ens said...

congrats to you and Ken on the place and to Ariel on her placings :)

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