Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Under my rock!

Yes, I have been hiding for several days. Not that I didn't want to be here, but life kinda has been a blur the past few days. With weekend family gatherings and endless projects before we are to leave on our trip, I don't get much time on the computer. I tell Ken to wake me up when he leaves so I can get some time to myself before Ariel arises, but I tend to stay in my warm bed instead. I have been told by various people that need an 'Ariel fix', I need to get back on the ball. So here we go.

The weekend brought church and the joint birthday dinner for me and Dad at Nana's. Stella and Jack, as well as Deb and Blair were there as well. Making it one tight fit around the old table, but there is something about big groups that is fun, no matter if the elbow room is lacking.

The church continues to change each week as things get finished. Ariel discovered that she can crawl through the chairs and decided to join the next row. Stella tapped Phylis on the shoulder to give them a heads up as the baby made her way. Whatever entertains her at this point is fine by me. I do think it was more entertaining for those around us, laughing quietly during the service at her antics.

During the afternoon, it was just amazing outside. After a few straight days of rain, we had an awesome sunny day. It was Ariel's first time on the deck, and she was eager to show off her standing ability (while holding the railing of course). She laughed and both mommy and daddy had the camera and video camera going to capture it. She couldn't decide which camera to look at for her close up. A little star in the making.

Monday, we went to go help at the church with setting up the library. Ariel got to play in the boxes, and was getting attention from anyone who looked her way. Allen took her on a tour of the church when she got fussy. We got a free lunch for helping, whee! I think the big treat was seeing the place come together. It was amazing! I can't wait to hang out in there.

While there, I got asked to create a mural for the wall outside the nursery and toddler rooms. I was already planning on one for the inside of the room, so in a way this could be a practice one of sorts. I have an idea for the one inside the room incorporating a verse. But I have more time to finish that one. They want this sign ready for the open house, so I just need to burn a disc tonight to drop off. They are printing it on this material that can be pealed off later down the road if they want something fresh, very cool!

Today, was a catch up day. We got a walk out in the sun. Ariel in her cool shades, which caused a commotion wherever we went. 'Look at the baby in sunglasses!' Later I worked on the painting and finished it. I need to get some of the last photos scanned for the video and I have a 'super squirrel' I need to paint up in photoshop. Ack. I also got a hair appointment for tomorrow night. See what they can do to my poor mop.

Tomorrow is our memorial lunch for my mom. This sunday marks 7 years since she has been gone. Hard to believe its been that long. Stella, Irene, Rose, another Irene, Nana, Ariel and I are all going out together. Its very special. As I look at Ariel, I realize I have so much to share about her Grandmother she will never know. Makes me thankful that she has her other Grammy (Ken's mom) in her life. Grandmothers are very special, I know that first hand. :)

The rest of the week is filling up, as is next week... then we are gotta here. Crazy!

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