Monday, February 26, 2007

And the Oscar goes to....

Whoa, so that had to be one of the most surprising Oscar shows yet. Lots of things I didn't see coming, as I am sure others who follow this stuff to were shocked by. Some I was happy about, and some I sat sort of open mouthed. Really? They won? Either way, we had a good time at home with our party of three. Ariel was dressed as an Oscar, here is Ken with his award. Lol. We made up snacks and parked in front of the tv from 5pm for the red carpet, (awards started at 5:30) until 9ish. Not the longest running show, but still a long haul. Thats what happens when you bring back the producer who loves having performances of the nominated songs.

They also had these wacky gymnastics people behind a screen, that created these shadow shapes of some of the nominated films. It may sounds stupid on paper, and maybe it was a little weird to have at the Oscars, but it was still amazing to see. Our fav, the penguins. Ellen did an pretty good job at hosting, but man you could totally see she was nervous. I don't think I have seen her like that before on stage. It was odd. But still love her! Yay Ellen!

Loved the Will Farrell and Jack Black number. The other musical areas could have been cut. Love Celine, but even that was too much for even me. Apparently, Hollywood didn't like Dreamgirls as much at the public did. Can you count the ways? Lots of surprises.

Cars didn't win animated feature, boooooo. Stupid 'Happy Feet'. I like penguins, but that and the other nominated film, 'Monster House', are generally motion capture. Hello! Thats cheating in my books. Animate it, just animate it PLEASE. Cars was a far deeper film, and for those who fail to see that, its your loss. Sorry, thats my feelings, so moving on. Blah.

Spielberg, Coppola, and George Lucas present Best Director, um that wasn't a total set up that Scorsese was going to win it right? When we heard that friday on ET, Ken was like, oh well you know who is winning it then. Haha. Sigh. At least the guy deserves it.

The icky Departed movie won. I hate blood, really I do. Would have loved 'Little Miss Sunshine' to win, but comedies never win best picture. Rules are rules. Oscar has many of them. Blah. So its over for another year. Ariel seemed to enjoy it. In fact, she may have been the only one who loved the musical numbers. Yayayaydadadad.

During the show, our weird neighbours (the ones the police seem to visit annually) must have had a fight or something. She was either locked out or he locked her out on purpose (about time dude!). Anyways, she kept banging on the door, leaving, then coming back and banging again. Finally after dark, there was a lady cop there. Oh good grief. This time, to our surprise, they arrested HER! Forget Oscar, that was the real show! She has caused so much trouble, it was interesting to see her in the handcuffs this time. Guess I shall see if she returns.... stay tuned.

Had a pretty good weekend in general. Only one major emotional breakdown, ok two. Feeling better today, so lets hope thats behind me. Don't really want to get into the issue, but basically just feeling overwhelmed, disappointed, frustrated and hurt. Argh.

Saturday, Ariel had her first real play date with Carter. She had a great time playing with different toys. Carter was sleeping for the first half of the visit, but was all smiles when he got up. He was showing his new teeth off, very cute. Hoping Ariel's show up soon, I grow tired of the lead up, as I assume she does too. Speaking of the princess, she is still sleeping, and its 9am already. She must know we are going to the doctor's this morning. HA! Yes, we are getting those pesky shots finally. Then its a happy 6 months with out any more until she is a year. Yay.

Apparently, we start March this week. Dang. In a month (and a bit) we will be taking off for Michigan. Wow. We are having Natalie and Peter over next Sunday for lunch (and she is bringing the main course, NICE) and most likely a run down as she is coming to house sit again. Yay. She reads this so, Hi Natalie!

I can't think of anything else... bye.


Anonymous said...

Annie Hall and American Beauty are comedies....they won pest HA!


Jay said...

OK, let me repharase my statement, comedies almost never win. Happy Meeka! Heheh.

I agree with Annie Hall, but I never thought of American Beauty as a comedy, just had a few funny moments. But thats me. Blah.

Kim said...

Was it just me, or were the gowns mostly "blah" this year? I can't say I saw any gown that made me go "wow!" And there were a few that just made me shake my head and go "what were you thinking?"

Jay said...

I really liked the old hollywood glamour look that is coming back, but there were some dresses that were just plain ugh. My favs of the night were Jennifer Lopez, Cate Blanchett and little Abigail Breslin.

Alan said...

I wanted Little Miss Sunshine to win, too!! Why do movies have to be "dark" to win awards!? And American Beauty definitely didn't seem like a comedy to me. I looooved Cate B.'s dress! She was so shimmery and awesome! I also loved Nicole Kidman, but I always do. Ariel makes a very cute Oscar!

SarahRachel said...

Oops, the comment above is mine! My husband's gmail account. He isn't that into girl's dresses! ;)

Dynamitedianne said...

Loooved Penelope Cruz's dress. I wanted to wrap myself up in it and go to sleep!

There was one that was yellow with a black sash that was nice too... a little too Michelle Williams from last year, but still nice.

Jay said...

Loved Penelope's dress, forgot about that one. That girl always has great dresses!

Lol Sarah Rachel, I was like, who is Alan? I know a few, but I didn't think any of them were into dresses!

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