Monday, February 12, 2007

New Week

We are in countdown till wednesday, as it is both valentines and Ariel's 6 month birthday. Yay. The mailman brought 2 fun packages today, one had Ariel's new babylegs. Aren't they super cute! She got 4 fun pairs, so they shall keep her legs warm and safe as she enters the soon to be crawling phase. This was the solution to my daughter wanting to just be in the diaper shirts when its still a little chilly. They are all the rage on the mommy chat board. The best part is they go just to the thigh, so diaper changing is a snap! Its my baby pick of the week! Hehe. The other package was our portraits! So gorgous, and I had fun sticking them in the various frames around our home.

This morning we went to the quilting group to hang out. I managed to get some stitching done on Ariel's easter present, that was when I wasn't holding her. We messed up the midmorning nap, and she wasn't too keen on things until she got her sleep, which she finally did.Stella showed Ariel how a sewing machine worked, and boy did she love it. She would laugh when it made noise going really fast. Lol. She was never spooked by it at all. I guess she may have the crafty gene in her, yay!

Ariel even got to see one of her older 9 month old friends. (I would love to tell you her name but I can't remember the spelling and frankly, don't want to butcher it on here unless I have it right. I will try and get it.) They sat there jabbering to each other, which was really cute. There was some pushing, but it was coming from both sides. Baby's first cat fight? Nooooooooooo.

Around 2pm, we came home for a quiet time. Ariel had a ball pulling her blanket over her head. It was funny to watch and then she talked to the toys, managed to turn around in the play yard and get on her tummy to play with the teething ring, then only to return to the blanket game again.

Daddy came home, we had some leftover tacos and watched Corner Gas. Man, we love that show. Really well written, huzzah for Canadian TV. Ariel then got a bath and was in bed fast to sleep pretty quick. She had a busy day, and tomorrow we have to prepare for our dinner party for Nana, Papa and Kyle, should be fun!

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