Thursday, February 01, 2007


Well, sort of... we have started crawling... well... backwards! From what I have been told, it won't be long till that becomes a forward action and my life will change BIG TIME! I have been making plans for the upcoming baby proofing, shall be a task for sure. Eep! Ariel is somewhat frustrated when she starts moving away from the toy she is after. She has even managed to go in a circle, which is really funny. I can't believe how fast she is growing. She is really developing her personality these days. She is a ham like her parents, that much is for sure.

Even with the backwards crawling, lots has been happening around here, hence the lack of huge blog. I have several things to still catch up on, but don't we all? Today marked a day of new experiences. With Ariel pretty much sitting up (almost unassisted) I decided we try her sitting in the stroller, rather than in the seat attachment. She looked rather proud of herself. What a big girl! On the 14th my valentine turns 6 months! Wow!

We did some stops to the post office, grocery store and coffee with Nana. We even made a stop to the park. I got some cute pictures and video of her on the swing for the first time, which I posted below. She loved it, smiling so big when she was sailing. Whee! We also stopped to visit the town palm tree, its just so random... sitting there alone. Lol. I am sure it enjoyed company.

Yesterday, Stella, Ariel and I went out for some fun. Ariel got a cute spider toy from Aunty Stella for Valentines Day! What a lucky girl. She was a little disappointed once we took the tag off it though. Hehe. Typical right? Either way, its her new friend, and he has been going various places with her. They were pretty tired after the fun shopping.Ariel also started to wear more of her 6 months and up clothing. She is sporting her Trogdor shirt from Daddy in one of the pics below. Its pretty cute, but so is she! She also tried her lion king one on, which was a gift from some of the staff Ken works with. She loved it, can you tell?

We officially have new neighbours, and so far all I can tell is that they have REAL furniture - which is always a good sign. They were assembling stuff last night, and I saw the boxes by the trash this morning. I am hoping they are nice, and hope to meet them soon. I think its a young couple. They aren't very loud, also a plus, and they have a stain glass pineapple hanging in the window. Anyone who likes pineapples as decorative stuff is good in my books.

Ariel is now asleep, so I am going to get some lunch and put my feet up. I have been working on an Easter gift for her, so I have to hustle to get it done in time. Enjoy the video!


SarahRachel said...

Oh my goodness! In no time at all our babies are gonna be wiggling all over the place! =) Those pics and the video are all precious! I want to take Jackson swinging now. She was so happy swinging! Is that Trogdor from Homestar Runner?

Jay said...

Thanks, yes that shirt is from Homestar Runner. Hehe. Gotta love the web cartoons. :)

Kim said...

What a cutie in her new "big girl" clothes! It must be very funny watching her crawl backwards . . . but from the sounds of it, she'll have the forward motion figured out soon enough!

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