Thursday, February 22, 2007


"Everyday, it's a gettin' closer,
Goin' faster than a
roller coaster,
Love like yours will surely
come my way."

-Buddy Holly

Our world changed today with one of those milestones that basically turns parents on their heads with joy, sadness and fear. Ladies and gentlemen, Ariel is crawling! I tried to get the camera out in time, but really only got a small sampling of the new movements. I will try and get a better clip up soon, cuz we all know that now that its happened, there is no going back. Guess we are gonna be buying some gates and baby proofing stuff. It was funny. Those lyrics were the first thing that popped into my head when it happened. Not sure why, but it fits I guess.

Other exciting stuff, we received our Valen-christmas presents today in the mail from Dianne! Ariel got some cute shirts, LOVE EM! She is wearing the funny hot chocolate one with the marshmellows jumping in. Lol. I clearly need to design kids clothes, because this is totally my taste. I got a super cute pink, kermit the frog pencil bag. Thanks so much sweetie! (Thanks also for the words of encouragement, tis very true. I guess no matter what stage of life we are in, we are still all the same.) Dianne got it on her trip to London. I guess they like Kermit over there too.

Yesterday, Nana, Ariel and I went to the mall for some retail therapy. Lol. I was after the Easter dress! All the shops had gotten in the spring fashions and I wanted first pick. It is her first Easter, and thats a big one like Christmas. So where do all crazy parents go when they want to spoil the babies? Gymboree... needless to say, they didn't disapoint. I got the uber cute dress of the year, with matching sweater. It will also be the offical mother's day dress I believe. Its just so gorgous. Nana also picked up a dress for Ariel at the Children's Place, as her Easter present. Its really a cute patchwork style dress. Perfect for the warm days ahead.

I ran into my friend Sofie, and we chatted while waiting for our burritos. Gonna try and have coffee sometime with her. I drove us home, so Nana could relax a bit. Had a peaceful night, but a weird sleep. In fact, I didn't actually get to sleep until 2am. Not sure why.... weird.

Here is Ariel performing her lastest trick. She loves to flip to tummy in her bouncer, then slide down to her knees to play with the toys. What a girl.

Today was a late start, after last night, so surprise. We stopped to visit the improving Papa. Still not %100 but feeling better. Dang flu. Then we walked to get some bananas for Ariel and to make some bread for the World Day of Prayer next week. Also got some sweet potato to make some new baby food for the princess. She is doing so well with solids, its really a treat. I think she was soooooooo ready, the whole grabbing things from our plates was a good indicator.

This weekend is Oscar weekend. Not going to the uber party this year. Hope to get back next year, but with Ariel nursing still, and the fact that the party is as long as the Oscars (what was the total time last year?) it be a long night for her to be with a sitter. So, I shall be having a private party for 3. Maybe I will cook something special.... hmmm.

I shall leave you with the snippet I got of Ariel on the move.... more to come... eep!


Kim said...

Woot woot! Congratulations on the big crawling milestone - the world is going to be a whole different place for her now!

Dynamitedianne said...

Yay! Glad you liked them. And I'm glad there appears to be some growing room left... was a little worried that they wouldn't fit for long!

allison said...

WTG Ariel! Geez, time flies, huh? I love her little babylegs too :)

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