Monday, April 12, 2010

Noah's Ark

Project 365 - Day 102

Wow, I wish this was something far more exciting than some cookies for my big day 100 in my project. Wow, only 265 more to go, haha. Ariel is having a Noah's Ark party in class next week, they get to dress up and have treats. I signed up to make cookies and did an array of different animals to fit the theme of the party. If you are wondering how I did this, just egg yoke with food coloring, painted on the cookie dough before baking. Super easy! Hope the kids enjoy them next week, these are off to the freezer till then. Yay for being ahead of schedule!


Well we are a house full of sick! Ken stayed home sick today and so the count is up to 3. I seem to have traded my sore throat for a sinus thing and now Xander is showing signs of a cough and runny nose. My poor baby! He is still a trooper but is wanting Mommy a lot.

So on Friday I did my party post for the annual 'blog party'. Welcome everyone who is a new reader, always nice to meet new friends. Also hugs to my old friends and readers, always nice to hear from you guys too. I am finally getting around to visiting some sites, but with the sickies in the house, makes for less computer time. Blah.

Saturday was a fun and yet crazy day as we went down to Washington for Kailey's birthday. We finally left the house and got on the road by 830am but apparently that was still too late for the border line ups. The sign said when we arrived that the wait time was 90 minutes! Gack! After a quick call to my Dad he reminded me of the high dollar and so lots of Canadians were off to spend their money in the USA. Not to mention the construction on the USA side, only 3 open, makes for a backlog of cars. Thankfully it really only took over an hour, but it was enough to put us a tad behind schedule.

The drive was uneventful, as for our meeting with the border guard for a change. Haha. We stopped briefly once for a potty break, but the kids did great. No crying or whining, although we had several 'are we there yet' comments. Ariel was eager to get to Kailey's party, and the border delay made her very upset that she might be late.

We arrived and Ariel was thrilled! She had a great time and I think Kailey was excited her 'Canadian' pal made it for her big day. Ariel had picked out a Sleeping Beauty Barbie for a gift for her friend, and then Ken and I did up a little painting for her as well.

She really liked it, can you tell?! Hee. Yay!

Sadly when it was time to go, Ariel was not happy... she was HEARTBROKEN. I have never seen her cry that long after leaving a place. Sometimes she cries but usually it passes quickly, not this time. A good 5-7 minutes it took her to calm down... so it was a little loud in the car.

On the way home we stopped at the outlets since I was trying to find some white sandals for Ariel to wear at the weddings. I hadn't be able to find any around here, not sure why?! So weird... oh well. We all had a snack and I took Xander in the stroller and left Ken and Ariel to finish eating. It wasn't too long before the found me as I was paying for the sandals (yay). Ariel came up to me and asked for some coins for the toys and I said I didn't have any and would get some in a minute. I turned back to the desk and when I turned again Ken was standing there but without Ariel.

I asked where she was, and he suddenly looked confused as if he thought I knew. After a quick view of the store we realized she was GONE! The moment you realize your child is gone is a feeling I hope I never experience again. The ladies at the counter said they would watch Xander and to go find her. We ran out to swarms of people everywhere. Oh Lord help us I felt my heart cry out. Ariel wasn't in sight and we called her name to no response. This particular mall is on the outside, so its open to everything. Then an angel was sent to us, a woman saw Ariel dash out of the store and ran up to us telling us which way she ran. She had tried to stop her since she felt it was odd seeing a child run out of a store like that. Ariel was too quick for her and with that Ken ran like I have ever seen him run before.

I stood frozen, its the first time ever I was so afraid... the woman kept reassuring me Ariel would be ok, and then I saw Ken approaching through the crowds with our daughter in his arms sobbing... most likely from Daddy giving her a piece of his mind for running away. I went back inside to get Xander who was happily cooing for the ladies. I was still stunned and the cashiers were very nice and said it happens to everyone... but that didn't make me feel better. It can happen... but sometimes the ending isn't as nice. We are very thankful that our little girl is safe, but I think its going to be on both our minds for awhile. Sigh....

We left shortly after that, and the car ride home was quiet. Ariel and Xander both fell asleep and I just watched scenery out the window. Just so drained. We came home and went to bed early.

The next day was church and the presentation of 'Imagine That' Summer Arts Camp! Click here to visit the blog we set for it. I designed the logo and all the promo materials that we have printed to give out, oh they look so cool! Eek! If you are in the area and want to come, we are having our official opening date on the 24th of this month to register in person. I really think its a opportunity for kids unlike any other. I will keep you posted how it goes. Yay!

In Xander news, he crawled! Yes, a short little bit but we know its just the beginning... I hope to get some good video of it soon, until then enjoy a cute picture of him, haha.

Well, Ken needs to get back to work, even when he is sick he needs to meet his deadlines. So off to bed I go to watch Dancing with the Stars with Xander. Have a good night!


Kristin said...

WOW scary is right! SO glad she is safe and sound with you again!

And yay Xander for crawling. :)

Brenda said...

Oh my gosh that little stinker! My stomach dropped just reading reading about it! Glad to hear there was a happy ending. Hope you guys are all over the sickies, soon. It's almost summer - no time to be sick!

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