Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Project 365 - Day 103

We got Ken's American tax papers dropped off today at the IRS office in Bellingham. We didn't count on Ken being sick, which made for another difficult twist, but it had to be done! Now its a waiting game as the papers go off to the first stop of assigning tax numbers for the kids, then off to get filed. Technically American's living in Canada get till June 15th to file their papers, but I prefer to go by the April 15th date is case there is anything owing since they go then by the April date (yeah, sneaky eh?). The other news, if all goes as it should, we are getting a refund that should cover what we need to pay here in Canada.

On a personal note, we found out we need to send papers stating all our Canadian accounts to the USA as well. I won't go into my personal feelings on that, but its almost too much for me to take. Why do they need all this info when we don't live in that country? Sigh... sometimes being a Canadian - American couple is really frusterating. Good think I love my Ken! Haha.

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