Tuesday, April 27, 2010

When you are bad, you go to the Dungeon

Project 365 - Day 117

While Ariel was playing on the deck this afternoon, she stuffed all her sidewalk chalk inside my lantern. Apparently, they were bad and were sent to the dungeon... yeah, my kid is weird.


So yesterday my little man turned 8 months! On top of that he got his first 2 teeth, pretty much at the same time. On Friday Xander was sooooooooooo not himself, in fact he was down right mad. He just wanted to be held the whole day, nothing seemed to make him better. Just nursing and cuddles. The following day he seemed better, and the gum had opened up and then on Sunday morning, teeth! Woot! Now it seems as if he might be getting a top tooth! This is just crazy fast compared to how drawn out teething was with Ariel.

I was hoping that it would be all our excitement, but sadly it wasn't. Late Sunday afternoon, Ken took the car and went to do some work for the book downtown. Ariel was playing in her room and I was cleaning the bathroom while Xander played with his toys and watched me. I had noticed the flat iron was left on and so I unplugged it and left it to cool down before putting away. Xander was down the hall at this point and when Ariel called I left the bathroom, not even thinking anything could happen. Xander made a dash back to the bathroom to the dangling cord (ugh I cringe still). I heard a yelp and dashed back to see my poor baby crying and 2 long white lines on top of his hand. The flat iron fell on his hand, and since it was still warm burned him!

I felt awful and cried of course, I felt terrible. I quickly got his hand under the cold water and he stopped crying, in fact he didn't seem to be in any pain at all. His hand looked ok, just those white lines. He nursed and fell asleep and I put him down. However when he got up those lines turned into huge blisters! So it was indeed a 2nd degree burn and the size of the blisters had me freak a tad and so I called the nurse line to see if I should take him to the clinic.

She said yes and then it hit me I had no car! I called Ken and he wouldn't be able to get back fast enough for me to make it to the walk in clinic. I paced a bit and realized my Dad had Xander's baby seat in the garage and so I asked if he could stay with Ariel so I could drive to the ER since the clinic was closed now. Then Ken could pick them up and get Dad back to his car. I arrived at the ER to a packed room, mostly of kids.

Long story short, I was there for 4 hours... and I didn't get seen. Only one doctor on (the slow one at that) and then a huge accident of this drunk guy driving a motorcycle... yeah that was gross to see come in. Ick! Xander's hand was looking better, especially since it drained on its own while waiting. Stella came by with Katie with a sandwich when I called to say where I was, and she thought it looked ok, so I asked the nurse if she thought I could leave. She agreed and she had no clue when I would get in anyways thanks to a 'doctor not moving things along' (her words not mine). She gave me a few pointers to keeping it clean, and what to watch for ie: fever.

As of today its looking like a scab is building up, so its healing, its just gross! I call him Freddy Krueger hand, but he just smiles at me. My boy is tough, much more than me. Sigh... I know these things happen, but its hard when its the first major accident.

So this morning the kids and I went to Stella's to cut out flower girl dresses for Amanda's wedding. That is coming up fast in June! Crazy how fast time is flying. Gack!!! I am making 2 dresses, one for Ariel and another for the other little girl, so there is a tad more pressure, but I think I should be ok. Nothing exciting to show yet except cut up fabric, but once I have something more exciting I'll post it. Until then, enjoy a cute picture of Ariel!

Something to share that is exciting is how registration day went for our camp! We had 67 kids sign up that morning!!! Then after church it was up past 70! We have room for 100 and something so we most likely will be full come July! Its AMAZING!!! We were so blown away and touched with the response. Ariel, in her own way has been excited with me, especially when we walk and see Mommy's posters hanging all over town. She insisted she hang one herself, so its up on our door, haha.

Last week was also Ariel's Noah Ark party at school, where she managed to fit into her peacock costume still! She was super excited until we got to school and none of her friends were in costumes yet. She got embarrassed and shy, but thankfully they suited up quickly and all was good again.

The cookies were a hit too... 2 by 2 of course.

While Ariel was at school I walked home but went by the thrift store when I saw a little picnic table sitting outside. It was a super cute smurf one and it was only $2. I was worried it be too big so I measured it with my feet, haha, and went home to check our deck. Turned out it was perfect and Xander and I walked back for it. I surprised Ariel when we brought her home and she was thrilled! Since then she has been wanting to eat any meal she can at it.

So this weekend is the big pageant! Ariel is so excited and practices her wave and smile daily. Its very cute and I hope she loves the experience. Of course it also happens to be my birthday as well, so lots happening. Ken is also going to be done is book this weekend, gack! Lots to celebrate coming up, so its very exciting. Well, I need to bath some kids so I can watch Glee tonight. The Madonna episode last week was killer, gosh I love this show!


sleeplessnights04 said...

Poor little guy; the first major one fore Stirling was the weekend before preschool started, he ended up with four stitches in his eyelid that Saturday night. I totally know the feeling of terror, but trying to avoid panic. Hugs little guy. Good luck on the pageant. Hope you have a great birthday!

Kristin said...

Kids sure are resilient! I am sure it will heal up very quickly.

Hope you enjoy your full weekend! I am sure you'll share it all with us. :)

Tera said...

Awww...poor Xander. Sounds like he's a trooper though! Wow, what a cute table and for $2!?!

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