Thursday, December 29, 2005

Hollywood Jesus Gathering Begins!

We just got back from the opening night at the Hollywood Jesus gathering. It was awesome to finally meet these people who you write to. It makes it all seem more real, wow. It has been kinda like an internet relationship, and finding out they aren't creepy old men. LOL.

It was fantastic to meet David Bruce, the man behind the website and the person who got the group of us together. He opened the gathering with a talk about how the website was started in 1997. It was so interesting to hear him speak, as a former pastor, and his new found role in sharing the word through media like movies, tv and comics.

Looking forward to the rest of the weekend, and very glad we came. We are crashing early tonight since we were driving all day and I am pretty beat. Tomorrow there are lots of interesting talks so I want to be well rested. Ohh, I think thats room service with my chicken burger, later!

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