Thursday, December 29, 2005

We are in Renton...huzzah

So we left the house at 930am this morning and packed up the Tank (car). We dropped off the keys for Kara, got some gas, dropped off the video rental and said goodbye to Nana and Papa. Then we were off on the road. Good weather for driving. Got to the boarder in about 30 minutes but then sat in the line ups for about an hour, ugh.

Saw a really funny sign saying the men's bathroom was closed for winter, heheh. We listened to my mix cd as we waited and time just flew by. We Finally get to the guard and he is like, where are you going, Renton, oh you live in Canada, where...., Ladner.....where? in Delta.....where? I finally say BC and he clues in, sigh!

We drive to Bellingham and grab some grub at the KFC / A&W. Ah yes, the fastfood chains here like to gang up on you. The first thing I notice is the fact there are none of the less fattening options that the Canadian ones offer. No side salads, not even the classic chicken burger, which is less batter, nope, just the triple dipped and fried stuff, ugh. I had a chilli dog, it seemed like the most less threatening thing.

As we continue on the weather holds until Seattle when the rain starts. Not bad rain, not like the one time where we couldn't even see the road it was coming down so hard. It lasted till the turn off for Renton and then we arrived. We checked in and went to the resturant for a small snack / dinner. The size of Ken's pot pie was freaky! Thats not a normal size! It was a mutant pie. But, the food was good and the help was friendly so it was nice.

Now we are heading to the opening of the Hollywood Jesus event. Woot. So check back for updates on our adventures here.

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