Thursday, December 22, 2005

8 Weeks

Today was our first meeting with the doctor who will be doing all my pregnacy exams and such. Ken came along which was great and we basically did the rundown of family medical history. No major exams or tests. Just tried to keep from barfing on the doctor. Heheh. Our next appointment is on January 19th and a heartbeat will be heard! YAY!

Afterwards we met up with the family at Ricky's Resturant and I had an awesome benny! yum. Mike is offically finished school, wow. So there is a planning of the party for January. I'm glad we are waiting till December is over, its nuts enough as it is.

We were to be going out tonight but that was cancelled due to the flu bug floating around that home. Something I'd like to avoid! So, a quiet night with Kenny is perfect. He wrapped all my gifts last night so I have something to shake under the tree! I can't believe that sunday is christmas!!! I have to finish a last minute ornie that I totally forgot about and feel terrible about. UGH! So I need to try and bear cross stitching when sick. Should be interesting.

Ken's mom emailed today, and wants to buy us a crib! So thats very cool! The problem is finding some place like they have in the states. She wants to get one of those fancy fine wood ones. I guess we will go out in the new year and search for a place we can tell her about. If anyone knows of a good place let me know. I personally would love a crib that turns into a toddler bed. I think thats practical... but thats just me.

Christmas Countdown : 2 days!!!

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