Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Hey Look... its 2015

Oops.... I guess I kinda forgot about this thing. Not sure if anyone is still out there listening, but here is an update on us.

I have been enjoying life with both kids in full time school. Its allowed me more time for my business and of course the things I enjoy volunteering with, church, Girl Guides etc.  It was an odd adjustment at first with Xander starting Kindergarten. I soon realized the days go fast and they are home again.

I cut my hair, which was a huge move for me. I had an extremely rough few months personally and emotionally. There is something with cutting off that much hair that is therapeutic. Its like cutting off the pain of the old and starting fresh. Personally, I am in a good spot now, happy and healthy, and feeling very much at peace. Thankful for a loving God who truly watches over me and keeps me safe, and has put a very patience man in my life to walk along with. Thanks Ken :)

Ken has been busy with work and play. He is animating a new project, working on a book project and gets the opportunity to travel with work here and there. Last summer it was London and Paris, we were all jealous! Ken and I will be celebrating 14 years married this June. Crazy stuff! He also turned 40, so far so good!

Ariel is in grade 3, dancing 7 hours a week, yep you heard me, and continues her Brownies, AWANAS and the odd swimming lesson. She completed her grade 2 ballet exam a few weeks ago, so we are waiting for the results to come in several weeks. Dance competitions are starting soon, she has been working hard with her 3 competitive groups and her first jazz solo. She takes it all in stride and enjoys performing.

The Nutcracker performance was an amazing experience for her, we are just ordering our dvd and photos from the show now. She is considering auditioning again, so we will see.

Xander, the big man in Kindergarten and taking the world by storm. He grew up so fast over the summer and surprised me with his quick and seamless transition to full day school. He loves his teacher and is thriving. He is showing signs of a budding artist and loves to sit and draw for hours. Xander also took up soccer this fall and found his happy place. So we have become soccer parents, something new for the 'non' sporty folks here, but we are learning.

He also joined Beavers after the countless times he had to tag along for Browines, he just had to be apart of the badges and camps. He loves it and seeing my kids in uniform makes a Mommy proud!

Meeko just turned 2 and is enjoying the long walks I can take him on in the afternoon while the kids are at school. He is always excited to see them come home but he is happy chasing the cats while they are gone. He likes to pretend he is a cat... or maybe he is one. Here is a great shot of him in 'cat loaf' position.

Boris and Tasha are settled and a wonderful part of our family. They just celebrated their first birthdays and are quirky and give us endless entertainment. Boris likes to watch over us from 'his' spot on the stairs, and Tasha is a master of waking up the kids for school. Both are snuglers and sleep at the foot our bed.

Spring break is coming to an end this week and everyone will be back to their routines. Well, that is a brief update from us... leave a comment if you are still around. Maybe I'll tune in more.
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