Sunday, May 28, 2006

Doesn't get much more exciting than this!

Hehe, I jest! This weekend as I mentioned before is May Days. A full weekend of fair rides, junk food, parade and most usually rain. Some things are just tradition. We missed the pancake breakfast this morning due to me being.... um sick, I was somewhat caught off guard too, which never makes me feel very happy. After the tears, got cleaned up and headed to church in the park. Think there were many 5 or so churches involved and it was a great turn out. Wasn't that cold, and the rain held off.

Afterwards we decided to hang out and watch the parade live this year. Usually, I catch it on ch. 4 later in the day. However, before snagging a seat, we hit the petting zoo where I got to hold a baby bunny. AWE! Excuse my extremely tired looking face. After Ken got some coffee and mini donuts, we found a empty curb and sat down to watch. Lots of creepy mascots, eek. I did enjoy the dancing Mr. Peanut. Hehe. Nana was in the parade with the Curves car. There were lots of tractors, farming related floats, kids and overall happy community spirit! Here are some photo highlights!

Once the parade had finished, we went to see the crowning of the new May Queen and the may pole dance performed by the local Brownies and Girl Guides. I rememeber doing this, ahhh memories. I felt bad that it was so windy, but they managed well.

Well, tomorrow I am helping Nana take her computer in to the shop. Might be a hard drive issue or something, but either way it doesn't work at the moment. Blah. Poor Nana. Thats all for me today, time to chill and prepare for the busy week ahead.

Baby countdown: 9 weeks to go!

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