Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The kicking is back...

After a long day of not really feeling baby, she was back in action today, lots of kicks out front that made my belly pop out in spots. I actually kinda missed her doing that. I have had alot of inward kicks these days so to see the pops was nice. I can understand how sad it will be when they stop for good when the berrykin moves out.

Ken is working late tonight, info session. He took the car this time so he can get home faster, yay! He gets to see Mark P. tonight so he is excited about that. Mark has kids and it gives him a chance to talk dad to future dad.

Kara came today and made our bathroom beautiful again, YAY. She was also kind enough to drive me to the store to get some stuff. Very helpful and very much appricated. I got the chance while she did that to get a huge load of laundry done, ironing and some basic clean up that had been bugging me. Overall, a good day, but boy was I tired. Ugh.

The downside of today was the issue with our life insurance we were trying to get in place. I am fine but Ken is the issue. We have requested the info from the file in Toronto so we can try and figure out what we can do. Basically, we pretty much know its about a particular test Ken had done for a study being done at Harvard University. They are trying to figure out this gene that seems to be popping up in his family, its a kidney related issue. Some of his Aunts and Uncles have had something show up and he was asked to be tested for this study. At this point, his mom shows no trace of it, and if it never does, then Ken can't be a carrier. However, the insurance people seem to think its a bigger deal and are making things a bit difficult for us. Makes me mad to think he got that test done for helping a study and now we are getting the short end of the stick. Blah. I aint going down without a good battle on this one, in a Christian way of course. Hehe.

Had a nap on the couch this afternoon and get leftovers for dinner so it will be a low key evening of ANTM and Amazing Race. Woot. After all the work today, it will be nice to relax. Maybe a bubble bath is in order.

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S. said...

Congratulations on your pregnancy!

I run a website that lists pregnant bloggers. I have added your blog to the due date listings. If you would like for me to remove the link to your blog or if I need to correct any information, please do let me know. The site URL is and my e-mail address is my3monkeys at gmail dot com.

Thanks, and congrats again!

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