Friday, May 05, 2006

Hard week at an end

Its friday, and couldn't be more happy to see this week be over with. Thank you to all my friends and family who sent me notes of comfort with the loss of my dear dog Lucas. They were appricated and treasured. Also, thanks for the never ending birthday e-cards! Ken couldn't get over how many I got. Heh. He was always like, ANOTHER ONE!?

Nana dropped off Lucas' ashes the other day. The vet gave them in a beautiful white, pearlized ceramic urn. I put his collar inside and it sits in my downstairs window where he can be in the sun. Ken made a neat comment that we finally are able to have my dog here with us, something I wanted since we were married. Its like we can feel his presence here and we love it.

Ken was on the CBC radio today. He sounded so smart. Hee. I think this was his 3rd time on the radio for something animation related. The funny thing is he can't remember the other times, old age is setting in. He is gonna be gone all day tomorrow for the school's open house thing, and then he is off to this claymation festival. Poor me, alone again. Trip to the video store will be in order. Heheh. Also got a little quilting kit for a small runner, a nice craft to keep me busy.

Also as promised, we got our proofs from Maria. These are 2 of my favs. Simple yet beautiful. So I will be ordering those soon. I want to get the scrapbook going, yay! It was funny as I was showing them to my friend Trudy, via messenger, that it was the first proof that I was indeed pregnant. Since she is in the next province over, it makes it hard to see each other. I guess she had to take me at my word that I was indeed having a baby. Speaking of Trudy, she went in today to have baby #3!!!!!!!!!!!!! They decided to do a planned C-section because baby wasn't really wanting to be born and his size was getting big. Of course the idea of surgery of any type is a pain, but the worst part was she was on a list of sorts, so really had no clue when she would be going in. Good grief. I am hoping that it happened early enough today for her sake. Will be hearing from her early next week, good luck my friend! I worry about the idea of my baby not wanting to come out either. Seems to be a trend with people I know. Eek.

Kara came by today for a visit. In her regular perfect timing, she was able to help me get our stuff to the church for the big garage sale there tomorrow. They have TONS of stuff. I think I may swing by to see if I find any neat things. Pastor Dave was trying to sell me on some weird baby thing that looked like a raccoon trap in my opinion. If you need a washing machine, there are at least 3 for sale. Anyhoo, Kara is coming to help me clean my house next week, namely my bathroom tub, which I can't bend down to clean anymore. Bless her heart, and I will gladly pay her for her services, heh. Trying to get Ken to help in the midst of editing is proving difficult and I want a clean tub!

So, its been a week of ups and downs. Now I go to bed... Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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Dynamitedianne said...

Great pictures! The one of the 2 of you is my fav... beautiful! Full of hope and anticipation!

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