Friday, May 19, 2006

End of a hot week

I keep checking for the rain that was promised, yet it still looks as if its holding, BLAH! The muggy nights haven't been fun. I must say today was better, its still pretty warm. I have been keeping the bathtub filled with cold water to go soak my feet in every so often, it helps. Today was pretty low key. I slept in a bit, went to the store for some things for dinner tonight, had a nap on the couch and now plan to get dinner started. Yes, its not very exciting, but I am on the following day of a nasty one. My body seems back to normal, I was eating everything in sight last night, making up what I had lost earlier. Have to get in gear, finally getting my long awaited birthday dinner on Monday!

So its a long weekend and I am excited to have Kenny home. He has been finishing the editing, which is practically done, and I'd love to have a nice day off with him. He has been glued to my tummy any time he gets. The berrykin is a bundle of energy these days. We have been having fun asking things and getting a kick for yes. So far, likes her name, pizza, and music. Heheh. Actually, there were bagpipes on tv last night and she went nuts! Must be that Scottish side coming out.

Speaking of TV last night, lots of season finales and shows ending. Will and Grace was very well done. We loved the scene with Jack and Karen singing at the piano. Then ER was really intense, and I mean big time. They always do that massive cliffhanger episode, ugh, now we have to wait till summer is over. Blah. Must find spoilers on the internet. Heh. In surprising news, 7th Heaven was given life again by the new CW network. So, its back for an 11th season, I must admit I had given up hope but this is neat news.

Ok, off to make bok choy stir fry, yum!

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