Thursday, June 01, 2006

Jay vs Crib

Today the crib was delivered at 1030am, huzzah! Same poor delivery guy as last time. I feel bad he gets stuck bringing our stuff up several sets of stairs. We really do need an elevator here. Anyhoo, uncut the box and got all the pieces out and sorted. I was glad to see it wasn’t as many pieces as the dresser/change table was. One tricky thing was the pieces that attach the matress support to the crib frame, were different than the ones pictured in the directions. Had to redo them once, blah. Other than that, it went pretty smoothly.

At about 1230pm it was finished. Wasn’t too bad, got a good workout that’s for sure. Now we need to get the mattress, which Nana and Papa said they would purchase. Nice. I got the canopy all hanging nicely around the crib. Looks very whimsical and I love it. I have to still hang the stain glass butterfly moble and it will be ready for baby. Well, I guess the bedding is needed too. Ok, then its ready.

Prenatal class was good last night. The massage techniques were very cool. We even got a pool noodle from the teacher as a good back massage device. Ken calls it Mr Noodle, heh. We will have a different teacher for the last 3 classes, which is ok, I really liked this gal, but I may like the next one too. Time will tell. We talk about breastfeeding next week, should be good. Soon we get a tour of the area of the hospital where we will deliever. I really am excited to see that.

Stupid cable people are working on the system today so both internet and tv have been cutting in and out. They stop working at 4pm, thank goodness. Saw some more chapters for Ken's book last night, one being the largest one in the entire book. Looks awesome!

Got an email from Jeff and Marie, they found out they are having twin girls! Poor Jeff. May God bring you strength. Heheh. At least all our girls can play together. Ok, need some lunch. Happy June everyone!

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Dynamitedianne said...

So nice!

May I commission you to make the fabric-y thing over our crib if we ever need one?

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