Monday, June 05, 2006

Busy June Weekend

Needless to say it was pretty busy. Friday night we had dinner at home, I tried out the new tater-tot casserole recipe and it was a hit with the boy. We had a lazy evening in, Ken did some animation and I some sewing.

Saturday Ken was off to teach all day. I was picked up by Jo and her mom to go to the dress shop. Huzzah. Along the way we got Jamie (another sister) and Katie. Julie (last sister) wasn't feeling well and couldn't come, and Cindy (sister in law) is out in Toronto, so we had cameras ready to capture it for her. Jo tried on her wedding dress and its lovely! I can't say much or show pictures at this point cuz who knows if my brother reads this or not.

We then tried on the dresses we picked. Mine, the maternity dress fit perfectly, even though I will be somewhat smaller when the day is here. Thank goodness for Stella helping me with last minute alterations. We plan on taking up the bottom and making it more a knee length dress than the full gown it is now. With the wedding outside, makes sense, especially with the other girls in the same length.

Jo took us to White Spot for lunch. I got my favorite Monty Mushroom Chicken Burger, yum. Craving met! Then home again, only to find some jerk had stolen the wreath from my door. I wasn't impressed. This has been an on going battle for a few weeks now. It started with it being put on another door, then I found it in the stairwell. This time, I wasn't so lucky. It was gone, and no matter where I looked I couldn't find it. Word to the wise don't mess with a pregnant woman! I posted a letter on my door basically saying thanks alot and grow up. I removed the hook and basically don't plan on hanging anything for awhile. Sigh.

To take out my frustration, I ended up scrubbing the deck. Took 2 and a half hours but it looks really good. I was really tired after that, duh. Ken came home and we had leftovers. I then got all emotional and weepy, yay hormones. Ken tried his best to perk me up, but after a bath I ended up in bed early.

Sunday morning Ken was to be speaking in adult sunday school which left me alone in the classroom with 6 kids. Good thing they are all used to the pregnancy, and my limitations. They were all on their best behavior, even though the lesson was lacking (bad material the past few weeks, not impressed) We only have 2 classes left, kinda sad to think about. Gonna miss that group.

After church we were invited to lunch at the Bruels. Brenda made a great soup and bun lunch, and the kids were eager to show off their toys and art work. When Kevin was helping little Brian do the lunch prayer, he said the funniest thing. Kevin fed him the words, and pray for our friends Ken and Janet, he got that out. And pray for the baby in Janet's tummy, and Brian yelled out, BOYS DON'T HAVE BABIES! It was pretty funny. They couldn't get him to say it at all. Too cute.

Then we all headed to the open house at Pastor Dave's home. It was his 40th birthday this weekend. Lots of the church gang were there so we got to chat and snack some more. Left at 530pm and I was too tired to cook so Ken lowered his standards and went through the McDonalds drive through. Hehe. It takes alot to make him go there, and a pregnant wife wanting a cheeseburger is a big push.

Ate our manufactured food and watched a neat special about how Star Trek changed the technology of the world. Very cool, even though I am sure I had seen it before. I played on the computer a bit while Ken animated and then we went to bed and watched a few episodes of Sex and the City. We chatted about our 5th wedding anniversary at the end of the month. He has the day off so thats exciting. Not sure what we are gonna do.

I had an ok sleep, was up way too much. I think baby is in a new position, and I am not too pleased. Kicks seem lower, so I am hoping she hasn't turned herself the wrong way. Ugh. Lots of waves today so maybe she is getting back to proper position. Will have to see. Now I am off to the store, need some bread for dinner.


Cheatwoods said...

hi, could you tell me how you put the ticker on the top of your blog??

Jay said...

I am having trouble posting the formula in here, won't let me for some reason. Do you have an email or something I can send it?

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