Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Heads or Tails?

I got my answer just about an hour ago. Ariel is indeed head down! My little monkey was just how I thought she was, but I am glad we got it confirmed. The main thing I knew was that whenever she got the hiccups, they were always low, so unless she was farting to a beat, I was confident it was in fact her head.

Got another look at those nasty feet that kick me all the time. The tech even gave me a picture of them. They are still crossed like in the 3d ultrasound, the same way I do. Hehe. He also said she was about 6 lb at this point give or take. Not quite a meatloaf yet. Called daddy and he was very happy that we still have a chance at a normal delivery. Bummer part is we are back to waiting, blah. Would have been nice to have a date on the calander to look forward to, now I have to wait for things to happen on their own. Better not be too late kiddo!

Stella and I stopped at the Bay on the way home, and she bought us a few diaper shirts, very cute! I found a little overall dress for fall/winter on the sale rack. Woot. Stella also surprised me with a lovely christmas table runner that I was admiring at her place, which was going to be a shower gift at some point for Mike and Jo, but ended up figuring I would enjoy it more since it was very cute and maybe not so much their taste, plus our 5th anniversary is on friday and the other gift she gave was for Ariel. So, too bad guys, you will get something else now!

I am gonna go have a nice cold shower before Kenny gets home. Ahhh.

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