Thursday, June 22, 2006

Baby loves pizza!

Yesterday, I spent all day over at Stella's, working on Ariel's dedication dress. We got the dress fully constructed and all thats left is for me to sew the lining, buttons and any trim I may want to add. Will post pics once its complete.

Last night was also our final prenatal class. Kinda sad that its over. We all exchanged email addresses and plan to keep in touch. We got to see the video we missed last week, the Amazing Newborn. It was really amazing! The studies they did on infants is so interesting. People who think babies are blobs are so wrong, and can miss out on soooooooooo much.

We also got the tour of the labor ward and recovery area. Club Med its not, hehe. I am glad the labor rooms are private, not into sharing that time with strangers. We did see a 34 week old baby in the special care nursery. She was so small, but looked really good for being that early. It was weird to think thats how big my baby is right now, crazy.

After class, we went to Pizza Hut for a celebration pizza! Ariel loves pizza and kicked me non stop all the way home. Such a funny baby. Stopped at Safeway for some ice tea (the newest craving). Ken bought me a special Peoples magazines featuring all the new celebrities and their kids. Very cute indeed. Fun reading.

Today has been low key. Had coffee with Nana and then did some further work for the client. Tonight I am gonna make an appearance at the dessert night for sunday school teachers. Ken has to stay late for an info session, maybe I can sneak him home a treat.

Anniversary is next friday!!!!!!!!!!! Eek!

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