Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Everybody Dance

Ok, I was catching up on peoples blogs when I saw this post on Julie's regarding this funny video. So I check it out, and man, I was laughing, more so I think from embarrassment that I remember those dances in high school. Its like my life flashed in front of me, eek!



Julie said...

Tell me I wasn't alone in thinking of Roger Mahler and crew when Ice Ice Baby came on!
I didn't know you were lurking on my blog! Did you know I've been lurking on yours? What a couple of lurkers we are.

Jay said...

Brew ha ha. Yes, I lurk once and awhile. Hadn't visited your blog in awhile so I figured I'd see if you had updated. You need to email me an update about life! Thats an order. Woot!

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