Friday, June 23, 2006

Heat = Bad

Its too dang hot right now in our house! The evening sun has warmed it up and I am not the happiest chicky right now. I may hop in a cold shower soon after I finish this blog. Ken and I are gonna go try the new resturant across the street since he is in need of a pick me up after a long rough day.

Today I finished up the dedication dress. It turned out rather lovely. Took me most of the morning to sew the buttons and lace trim. I added a few beads and some ribbon as well, and I think its done... unless I have some great idea... but I think its complete. Take a lookie!

Here is the full dress.

Here is a close up for detail. Oooh!

In other news, been tracking my UPS package of baby bedding. Its offically in Richmond as of today! I thought maybe I'd get it this afternoon, but alas, not to be. Here's hoping it comes on Monday. Yay. Also, I called Sears, after hearing nothing since the 14th. So, I call and give the story that the last message I got was one saying that THEY would call me to reschedule the delivery. Well, that never happened, and the lady didn't seem to care. Good grief, my package is sitting there apprently, and is coming monday... I will believe it when I see it.

Ok, need to get ready to meet my boy, later!

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