Thursday, June 15, 2006

Time slowly slipping away...

Thursday already? Where did the week go? Hmmm. Well, all is good. The sooner these 7 weeks pass the happier I will be. I want my little girl!

Lots been happening the past few days. Much shopping and activity, in my vain attempt to get organized. Brew ha ha. The goal this week, get wedding/shower shopping completed! So Nana and I went to the all scary Richmond yesterday. Wasn't so bad, only a few bad drivers, hehe.

Hit the Bay and printed the oddles of registries I was shopping for. I have never had so many sales people fawn over me in my life. I guess they assumed that I was about to pop and perhaps were afraid of me ruining the carpet in the china department? Note to self, need good service, look pregnant!

We paid for the first load and then needed a break for a snack. Once food and drink consumed, shopping continues. Got the rest bought and packed in the car. Then I had to go to the Gap to find work clothes for my hubby. He was in desperate need of new jeans and some summer shirts. I was tired of seeing him come home over heated in a dark, winter style dress shirt. I lucked out and found 2 nice shirts, one in a blue linen and the other a white with fancy stitching down the front. It will also work perfectly for the dedication service for our daughter. He is gonna look HOT! Lol, sorry, but its true. Blah.

While waiting for nana I hit the Gymboree store. Ended up leaving with the perfect farm girl look for my daughter. See how cute it is? The top is complete with cows and chickens, with matching hat, the all important jeans (with toy cow in pocket) and cow socks. Ken loved it, and had a good laugh at it. I got it in 6-12 size so it will get put away for awhile. Can't wait to see it on her though.

Came home and slept for an hour or so. At 3pm woke up to find out this new channel is showing the old 90210 show. NO WAY! Flashback! Man, it was a corny show, but I have found another good rest time show since Dr. Phil is in re-runs now.

Ken came home and we prepared to go to our second to last class for prenatal. Kinda sad its gonna be ending soon. We didn't get to see the Amazing Newborn video as promised, since we were going over many questions people still had on various issues from car seats to circumcision. So it still was a very full class. Lots to discuss on the ride home.

This morning the sun is shining, boo. Gonna be a hot one, need to plan a simple dinner I think, maybe its breakfast food night, I have some bacon still in the fridge. That would be fun. I was checking my deck plants and the one I was convinced I killed last summer has returned and was blooming, see that pink thing! Woohoo. It was kinda weird though, I was sure it was dark purple last year..... maybe I am thinking of another flower that was planted with it. Needless to say, I feel pretty proud of my little growing garden sitting on my freshly clean deck. Joy of joys. Tis funny the little things that can please a person.

In other news, we have booked a date for the baby dedication service at church. August 20th, yes, we are insane! Sure, baby hasn't arrived yet but with days filling up we had to move fast. Baby will be out August 10th at the latest when the doctors would step in to get things rolling if they haven't already. So, if there are no complications, that will be her big day at church! So mark your calendars my friends and family who read this. Expect a more formal invite once we have our girl here. There will be a party following the service at Dad and Rita's place.

Sadly, it was the only real time it could happen, with Kara dancing for us (since she leaves Sept. 1st), the construction at church really getting into full swing and basically us not wanting to wait until next year. I know this will affect certain people being there. I understand, nothing is perfect with a wedding and 80th birthday slated for the same month. We are going to tape it for Ken's folks anyways, so we will make numerous copies I am sure. I will be starting the little dress sometime soon. While I still have time... sigh, good bye free time.

Finally, I finished the cross stitch for Ariel's room. The only thing that is missing is the name and date, but I will add those later. I an happy with the final result, and pleased I can move on to something else.

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