Monday, June 12, 2006

Going, going.....GONE!

Its offical! Ken's book went to press today!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Dance! Can not wait until we are holding it in our hands! Whee! The forward came in at the last minute and it was amazing, and took both our breath away. Now if we could have the same ease in the delivery of the baby! LOL.

Speaking of Ariel, we have a new nickname for her. Lumpy McButterpants! Well, it kinda came out of a night of frusteration. I was tossing and turning and the little darling was moving so much and poking all ways that it was like that scene in Alien where the creature is about to rip its way of the stomach. EWE! Anyways, since I am not one to curse my child in anyway, the first thing out of my mouth was "QUIT MOVING LUMPY MCBUTTERPANTS!" Well Ken nearly died laughing and I had to admit it was the strangest thing I could have said. I blame hormones.

Busy day today. Was up early to start prep on the dinner I was taking for the Andre Family tonight. Poor Janet was really holding it together sunday morning. Losing ones mom isn't easy, been there, done that. Our Bible study group is making meals to help them out this week. I picked tonight since I knew we were having dinner at Nana's, thus helping my energy level.

What I didn't count on was the email I got just before lunch from my client, who wanted to go ahead with the final newsletters. So, I have been running around a bit more than orginally thought, but I think things are coming together. Woot.

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