Thursday, June 08, 2006

So I am a Hamburger...

I kid you not, but I will get to that later. Glad to be back after days of a non working blogger!!! First off, its way too early for Jay to be up! The switch box outside is lacking power, they were working on it the other day but I guess it never was finished. So, since the mailman knows I am at home, he buzzes me and I manage to drag my sorry butt out of bed to help him out. Awe....brownie points! Hehe. I do get my mail directly handed to me, always a plus.

We chatted about some particular people in our building that would be considered 'shady.' I always like to give people a chance, but I have a pretty good feeling that these ones are responsible for the strange things happening as of late. Ken was talking to our neighbour at the bus stop yesterday and she mentioned them to him too, about how they have guests that stay for 2 minutes at a time, and we all know what that means. She was sad about my wreath being stolen and figured it could be our little friends. Sigh. She has reported the strange activity, and I plan on watching closer myself.

Other news, had our new teacher in the prenatal class last night. REALLY like her!!! She has so much energy and had everyone laughing and bonding a bit more. That was nice. Learned about breastfeeding and how my breasts are like a hamburger to the baby. There is something interesting to write in the baby book. Hehe. Anyways, lots of really interesting stuff about it. The thing that got me thinking was how she mentioned that you can't give up at first, that milk comes in about 2-3 days after birth, but only if stimulated by baby feeding. The weight will go down and you will need to feed every 2 hours. Not to give formula or soothers in that time since baby is still learning the sucking method. Needless to say, lots of women give up too early and in turn, baby loses out on the breast milk.

I see that alot on those 'Bringing home baby' shows. The mom gives into formula because she thinks the baby is starving. In a way, yes they are hungry, but by doing that, it ruins the perfectly good system that was created in each of us. Ken and I had a pretty long talk about it on the way home. The more he learns in class, the more upset he is by how society is pushing us away from the natural system.

Part of class was getting a fake baby and practicing feeding positions. The dolls were, lets say, very real. When Ken learned this after spotting a doll across the room without its diaper, we peeked to see what the closet stork had given us. It was a girl, lol. It was funny how we bonded with the doll wrapped in its blanket. I didn't want to give it up, but Ken reminded me I get the real version in a few weeks. While we learned feeding positions, Ken learned how to burp the baby, lol. He was very proud of himself. Also got the run down on how the poop will look as the milk comes in and matures. ICK! All the colors of the rainbow.

Other happenings, Ken has to send the last edited stuff this week. Book goes to press the following week, WOW! Next month we will be holding a book in our hands. Crazy, just plain crazy!

I have also been working on the nursery. I put up the china dolls on the high shelf thanks to Ken's suggestion. He really likes them, I think because one is an Alice in wonderland doll. I didn't really have dolls like this growing up, most likely why I collected a few over the years. I love the Cinderella one, complete with glass slipper. Anne of Green Gables is a close second. I am now trying to find a basket I like for the dresser, its harder than I thought it would be. I guess I need to go to the baby shops.

Today I went to hang out at Stella's since I was uber bored. Finished my cross stitch for the baby's room and got a nice visit in. Then got some stuff to make dinner tonight at the store and now I am enjoying being inside while the rain comes down. Ick

Here is a little movie we shot of Ariel's room, pre-dolls, the bears are still up on the shelf there.

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