Saturday, June 24, 2006

Fancy Food

Earls can never disappoint on food. However, the service today.... well thats another story. Hehe. Robyn, Dianne and I got together for a gals lunch date today. It was nice to catch up with them in person, since its not too often these days with such busy lives we live. As said, we ate at Earls and the food was almost too pretty to eat, but I managed no problem. Our waitress was a funny girl who at first didn't know we were in her section or something, then managed to spill some of Dianne's drink including ice on the table and left us to wipe it up.... odd. Oh well, thats life, and it made for a good laugh.

Dianne had our belated christmas gifts for us, which was very sweet. Ariel now has some uber cute dragonfly booties! Also in the picture is an adorable lamp that Aunty Penny sent over for her room. It says good night princess, all the way around, and actually gives off excellent light. So yay for gifts and thank you to you both.

I got home to work on the sunday school video I am making as a surprise gift for my students. Once I finished of course, right before I can save, stupid computer freezes and blah, I lose my work. Ugh. So I redo it and its good to go. Ken is gonna burn me some DVDs tonight, once he gets home. I forgot he was hanging with Mike tonight.

He is checking out Mike's small group for faith and films. That was something we use to lead at our church but sadly had to drop due to lack of time to lead. Plus, Ken really wanted some group that he could be part of and not have any major responsibility. I don't blame him. So, here's hoping he enjoys it. However, it does leave me on my own... at least I am off the hook for dinner making. I can do something light for me, yay.

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Aunt Penny said...


What a beautiful dress!! I'm glad you liked the lamp. When l saw it l thought it would be prefect for Ariel.

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