Monday, June 19, 2006

Father's Day at the Casino

NO, I do not gamble or am I in denial about having a problem, heheh. Here's the deal about my day yesterday that I am writing at 4 something in the morning since I can't sleep.

It was Father's Day yesterday and things started out normal enough. Left for church early this morning so I could take down stuff in the class room. It was kinda sad to finish the year up with the kids. During our sing song time with the pre-K class, Brenda made mention to the kids that when we start class again in fall, our baby will be here. So in my class while making cards for the dads, I was told by one of my students that my baby will come out through my private parts. *embarassed* He later mentioned he was glad boys don't have babies, already at 5 he has it figured out that he got the good end of the deal. LOL!

Church was good, Alf and Kelly came with their new daughter in tow. She was very cute. Tim and Robin came with their kids and we got a chance to chat briefly after Tim's shock, that I hadn't exploded yet, wore off. We are hoping to go to hear them talk about their mission trip tonight, will see how it goes.

After church we tried again to reach Dad. Left messages, usually in vain since he isn't great with the message machine most of the time. Tried Mike to see if he had been in contact with him but no answer there either. Sigh. So, we went to lunch ourselves and got 50% off the bill, since we had to wait so long. That is the second time our order was lost in this past month, the other time was the fish and chip stand. Oh well, cheap food tastes good too, no matter if its late.

We came home and Ken called his grandpa. Then we managed to track down Mike and he told us he was planning to take Dad to dinner at the River Rock Casino. So we decided we would join them since we wanted to take Dad out anyways. They were going to the buffet and that sounded promising, woot.

I beat Ken at another game of Scrabble, woot! Dad brought the stroller over and I set it up while Ken chatted on the phone with his Dad. It actually went together really easily and its perfect! Can't wait to get to push baby around town in it. We then saw Dad and Rita pull in so got loaded into their car and left for the casino.

This was my first experience being this close to gambling tables and slots. We had to wait for our table in the buffet, and they give you a beeper to let you know when to come back (in hopes you go gamble I am sure). We wandered through the room, watching people throw money down like it was just for fun. Jo wanted to play a 5 cent slot machine, but of course it only takes bills, how surprising. Mike wouldn't give up his cash so we walked on. Jo was explaining alot of how the games worked for me. Apprently, she went to Vegas with friends once, and her and Mike will be going around Christmas with her sisters and their husbands. Crazy kids, lol. I think I'd like to renew my vows with Elvis in Vegas, lol, but Ken would never go for it. Darn.

Our beeper finally went off and we headed upstairs. The food was really good, and it was pretty nice in there. Only downer was the noise and somewhat young people who tended to fill the air with colorful language. Not sure why people dragged their kids to this place, its not really made for them and you could see they were bored. Well, the one on the floor screaming was a good indicator. Its moments like that when everyone looks to the pregnant one as if to say, you regretting your decision yet?

Got home around 830ish and had a bath. My belly was pretty sore so we went to bed. Didn't have a great sleep, as you can tell with my killing time blogging. Nothing that exciting today, maybe some laundry. I'll post the stroller later today. Byeeeee!

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Georgiana Jarvis said...

A casino treat is the greatest gift of all time! Haha! Who doesn't want to be around with people who's also having fun with all the games around. I just hope next time you will enjoy the experience more. And who knows, your Las Vegas vacation might come true this year.

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