Thursday, April 20, 2006


Check out my bleeding heart plant. This is the one that is taking over the pot on my deck. So pretty. I think it is one of my favorite plants.

So today was nice, went to Richmond with Nana and found this really cute skirt that I figured I could wear after the baby, turns out it fits me now! SCORE! It sits under the baby belly, and now I have something really pretty to wear. Plus it was on sale. Nice.

Ken and I are gonna be going to Victoria for the weekend before my b-day. Whee. I had done some work for a friend at church and he gave us a 2 night stay at a nice place as payment. Woot. Its a cute little cabin on the water. I am really excited we can get away and relax. The book stuff has been stressful and with a baby coming this may be our last little trip to Victoria alone. We are planning on taking baby in the fall, gotta make her love it just as much as we do.

Dad came by and gave me a gift certificate to my salon as my birthday present. He is going out of town again like I mentioned before. Stayed and chatted for an hour which was nice, I had just gotten up from my nap so the first half is somewhat a blur. Hehe. Anyways, now I can get lots of pretty toes , I may not be able to see my feet but at least I know they will look good. He also mentioned that he got Ken and I the stroller/car seat we asked for on our baby registry. Yay! So we can rest easy knowing we have something to put the baby in, just have to figure it out.

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