Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Mid-week already?

Sorta in a daze how fast the days go by....hmmm.

Not much to report. I have rediscovered our game cube and have been playing Animal Crossing, hehe. Much fun indeed.

Went to costco with Nana for the exciting items known as toilet paper, laundry soap, paper towel.... stop me if its too much excitement for you. I also got a frozen lasagna to try, apprently its good, I shall be the judge of that. To top off everything I got a huge jug of cranberry cocktail, my newest crave. Man I love juice!

Helped Ken with sewing up some puppets last night. Whee. They look all pretty now. Did some scanning also, and worked on this weeks bulletin for church.

This sunday Jo is having an invitation making party, otherwise known as a cheap labour event. LOL. Ah, love weddings and the countless hours of bow making. I actually enjoy it, and its more relaxation for me. I wish my energy level would rise up a bit.

We are in the midst of booking our photo session for the pregnancy pics. Nothing naked, like anyone wants to see that! ICK! Just some nice shots to add to the baby book and scrapbooks. I wanted to get it done soon before I start looking like a mutant cow. My bump is still somewhat cute, but growing at a rate that is concerning to me, that child's head needs to stay small!

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