Saturday, April 08, 2006

Quick Check-in

Hi, I only have a few moments before Ken gets back and takes over the computer again. He is not teaching for the next few weeks, and is in the last 10 days of writing the book. Eek. Its coming together, we see the light at the end of the tunnel, yay.

This morning I joined Nana, Taylor and Kitty at the McKee House. They were having a craft sale and I got some new knitted dishrags, a burb cloth for baby and a knitted hooded sweater for baby. Its a pretty blue/purple with white. I have to get my knit wear at the craft sales as everyone I know who does this is too old to make stuff for my baby. Oh well :)

Kitty and Taylor were commenting how they don't know anyone around the McKee House anymore. That they have out lived many of their friends. I often wonder what that be like, kinda sad in a way I guess.

Ken and I made a trip to Michaels craft store to pick up stuff for the puppets. They were having some sort of uber sale, so I got tons of scrapbook stuff for baby's book. YAY. I am really excited. Whee.

OK, I hear Ken coming, byeeeeeeeeeee

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