Friday, April 28, 2006

Victoria Trip 2006

First trip traveling pregnant, well, thats not really true, Michigan was, but I was only a few weeks then, so this is somewhat different.

Baby seemed to like the ferry, was pretty mellow until we were getting off. The boat must have had some updating since our last trip, it was pretty nice. As usually we filled up at the Pacific Buffet. Yummy! So many good things to try. I was all over the salmon and mussels. I seem to be on a seafood kick right now. Ken was excited about the onion rings, lol. His plate was still much fuller than mine. Look below and try and guess who's plate is whose. Hehe. After dinner we walked around, hit the gift shop where I found cute baby shoes, hee. Then we found the new lounge area upstairs with a big flat screen, so we sat and watched Air Farce till we arrived at Swartz Bay.

We found our accommodations fairly easily. Its always a bit harder in the dark, and it was a new place so its feeling our way a bit. We arrived about 930pm and its very cute. Its like a little cabin suite. 2 bedrooms, for the next time when we have baby in tow, a nice little sitting room with fireplace and tv, and a cute deck overlooking the water. Nice. Sure it will be nicer in the morning as we plan to have breakfast overlooking the water.

Not sure what we are doing tomorrow, its an adventure I guess, but I don't doubt there will be some sort of trip to the various Christmas stores, heheh.

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