Sunday, April 30, 2006

Finally Home....

Today was our final day in Victoria. It was one filled with highs and lows. We woke up this morning to see the sun shining brightly. It was a little annoying to see that when the day before was to have been the same weather, instead of the rain. Blah. Anyhoo, we had our breakfast again on our cute porch and enjoyed the final time at the cabin. Pretty good place for a freebie! After food, we packed up our stuff and checked out by 930am and decided that since there was a race or something happening in downtown Victoria, and that some roads would be closed, that staying clear of that would be the best thing.

So we drove out and found the Butterfly Gardens that we always see signs for but have never gone before. It was amazing and I highly recommend it! For $10 bucks you get in to the gardens and basically are in a photographer’s paradise. It was really warm for the butterflies and birds, so dress lightly. I was in a tank top and after only an hour I was sweating quite a bit. Ick! When the sun came out and shone through the glass roof, the butterflies went nuts. There were so many types and I got some truly awesome pictures. Over 133 to be exact. We emptied the pictures onto the laptop to clear it.

After that, it was close to noon and decided that we would do Butchart Gardens again, especially since it was spring and last time we came it was fall. Once arriving we went to the Rose Dinning Resturant and had afternoon tea! Oh it was fantastic, and the setting was lovely! I think they could give the Empress a run for its money indeed.

Then we toured the gardens and I was a happy shutterbug. Once again I filled the camera, only to, in the last half hour before leaving manage to delete everything I took there. ARGH!!!!!!!! I was devistated and basically cried in pure shock. I felt so stupid! We did a quick walk through one area so I could retake some pictures but my heart at this point was crushed and just wanted to leave.

Getting back to the car at quarter to 4pm, we hoped to make the 5pm sailing. HAHAHA, boy did we get a surprise. When we saw the new ferry sign that tells you how full the boat is, it said


Oh crap! The one time I don’t make a reservation… again I start feeling like a loser. Ugh. Not the emotional high point of my day at this point. We drive a bit further and then hit the uber long lines of traffic that has come to a halt. There were the flag people asking everyone, reservations to the right please, ugh. Don’t remind me. We heard the American gals in the car in front ask what boat they would get on, and the guy replied that the 6pm boat was now full. We weren’t sure looking at the lines if will would even make the 7pm. We were hoping at least we could get the 9pm but then again, perhapes we could be spending the night in Victoria once again if that didn’t happen either.

We sat for about a half hour in one spot, assuming the lot was packed and they had no room until the 5pm boat was loaded. When we finally reached the ticket window the lady said we be on the 7pm. Woot. Well, here’s hoping as I type this at the terminal. We made the best of the situation, we bought some kettle corn, looked at the shops and found some neat tea light holders made from drift wood and ate the best tub steak dogs I think I have ever had. It was fun sitting on the grass and snacking on the dogs. I was finally feeling better about the whole situation I felt was somewhat my fault. It was an adventure, right? Hehe. Good thing we didn’t have anything important tonight.

So I will continue this once home, lets see if we do indeed get on the 7pm boat! Brew ha ha!

Ok, I return, we are finally at home. We did get on the 7pm boat and crashed upstairs were the tv was. Ken got some fries and we snacked on those and read the new people's magazine. Watched a bit of Billy Elliot on the tv and watched the girls snicker at the poor guy fast to sleep snoring. Hard not to miss him, he was pretty loud.

Once we were off the boat we got stuck again in uber traffic. There was a firetruck taking up one of the lanes, not sure why. We saw a fire on the beach....but wasn't sure if that was the reason. Strange? Got home, and boy it feels good to be home again after a long day of travelling. Ok, off to bed. Yay!

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