Friday, July 09, 2010


Project 365 - Day 190

Hi Kitty! We saw this kitty on the fence when walking home from the park tonight. Very cute, but they still make me sneeze!

It was another VERY hot day.. blah! I took the kids to the pool for Ariel's lessons this morning, again super busy and I am glad I haven't been going in with Xander. Just too crazy for me, so we watch Ariel and get to visit with a friend from church who is watching her kids as well.

Afterwards I must have really hot and needing to walk in a/c and ended up driving to the mall. IT WAS HEAVEN! We walked, it wasn't too cold for Ariel who hated Safeway's a/c because it was on full blast. Ariel was on her best behavior and ended up coming home with pink hair. No its not real, just clip in stuff. She was thrilled and I actually thought it was cute.

We had a great walk and came home... well after a slurpee stop of course. While there I ended up helping a police lady get her car out. She was having trouble seeing how much room she had to back up without hitting this huge truck. I helped wave her out and she rolled down the windows with a huge thank you. Always willing to help out the cops... especially those with slurpees, haha.

Made a new recipe for dinner, a layered pasta salad I saw on the Kraft website. Yummy and filling! Also a great dinner for staying cool. Ariel said it was very cool, except for the onions.

Tomorrow night is the bike race, always fun. Ariel loves it, so I think we will do sushi and find a nice spot to watch. Fun times!

Ok, we are watching the Goonies, hee. Gotta love the 80's!

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kelly ens said...

the pink hair is cute :) so is that last picture of Xander!!!

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