Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Quilt Boarding House

Project 365 - Day 202

So after dinner tonight the phone rang and it was a friend from church. Apparently she was walking by the quilt shop and some of the quilts had been left hanging outside after they closed for the night. Since she knew I knew the owner, she asked if she could bring them to me so they would be save for the night. Managed to get a message to Jenny that they were save and they are happily resting for the night. Ariel wasn't too sure why there was a Halloween one, but she enjoyed looking at it and began talking about how pumpkins are planted already for fall.

Sorry for the lack of regular posts, its been busy getting ready for the camp next week, working on the kid's birthday books and editing pictures on top of the regular stuff. Ack! Will post more soon... promise.

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